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Summer: A Disgruntling Season

April 26th, 2009 Posted in College, Life, Personal, Stupid People

I dislike summer.  I have no problem with the other 3 seasons, just summer.  My dislike for the season has been around for a few years now, I would date it back at least 4-5 years.  If you search around you’ll find other posts about me disliking summer, maybe a bit less directly.

Its not the weather I don’t enjoy.  I don’t mind the fact that it tends to be warm or hot during the summer.  Sometimes I actually enjoy the heat, it can be a pleasant change from a cold spring day.  Wearing a heavy coat can be burdensome at times, and the opportunity to go without one is welcomed when appropriate.  I also don’t dislike the inherit items associated with summer like vacation or the lack of school.

I dislike how people react to summer.  Everyone gets all “hooray! the weather is nice again” and then everyone turns into an optimist.  I don’t like it when people are optimistic because of the weather, you should work for your optimism.  Part of this yearly renewed excitement is an increased sense of freedom people feel.  People reduce the length of their pants or dresses/skirts “because its warm out.”  Yea right, we both know that people aren’t doing that because its physically warm out.  Rather people are doing it to feel less constrained and more free; which I am opposed to.

If you recall my thesis on “Chest Fabric Density” from Jan 2008, I’m going to be applying many of the same arguments here.  You see, during my years attending formal dances in a high school setting, I found that people girls were wearing dresses exposing more and more skin and buying less dress.  No, I’m not opposed to people exposing skin if appropriate, but when people who should not be exposing skin do it really bothers me.   Some people might say “more power to ya” to a person with lots of mass wearing very ‘limited’ garment, while I think “Really? Did you have to?”

You see in summer, everyone thinks that they should wear whatever they want because “its warm”.  Sometimes people wear bathing suite, even when they are not intending on going swimming or getting wet!  Tomfoolery!  More likely, are people who’s pelvis & leg coverings are inappropriate.  Males:  If you shorts are exposing an awkwardly white portion of your thigh or more than 3 inches from your kneecap in either direction you need new ones.  Yes, this includes those strange guys who wear ‘Capri’ style pants.  Females:  If you are wearing shorts, and cannot comfortably place a pencil in your pocket without it sticking out, your shorts are probably too short… or you need new pockets.  If your pockets are hanging out of the bottom of them, you and your shorts are immediately disqualified.  Logically, a skirt has a larger minimum length than shorts because it doesn’t provide appropriate inner leg coverage.  While I’m not going to work out all the trigonometry here, I suggest you ensure that the inside angle from the bottom of your skirt to the vertext of your legs is no larger than 45 degrees, a 30 degree angle may be more appropriate, but it really depends on thigh thickness.  Additionally, if you feel your rear is not being completely covered  when sitting, you are dressed inappropriately.

Actually my biggest pet peeve about summer dress are “flip flops”.  I’ve written many blogs discussing my dislike for these abysmal excuses for footwear, but everyone feels the need to wear them when approximately no one should.

While I spent a lot of time talking about clothes, the issues I have with summer are larger.  People spend time outside relaxing, “sun bathing” aka skin-cancerizing, socializing, playing sports, etc.  Yes, statistically speaking they have been doing this all year…  but in private.  I’m not sure if I dislike, or I get jealous, when people publicly do enjoy these things.  Its much harder for me to be cognizant of you you at a party when its winter and you are inside, but when you are own your lawn I can very quickly determine what I need to.

I don’t dislike the changes in the weather, I dislike the changes in people as a result of the weather.

  1. 3 Responses to “Summer: A Disgruntling Season”

  2. By Katie on Apr 27, 2009

    If this is all true, then I believe you dislike me.

    I wear short shorts like no one’s beeswax. Sometimes pockets stick out under my shorts.

    I wear bathing suits when playing tennis sometimes, because i get overheated, and hate feeling clothing sticking to my body.

    I wear flip flops like nothing else. I heart flip flops. Sneakers bother me. A lot. Flip flops let my feet breathe, and give me silly tan/burn lines.

    I’m sorry I am inappropriate. I’m sorry you dislike me for who I am. I will continue to wear my clothing choices for as long as I can get away with it. You with either deal or eat my dust.

    with love,
    your sexy inappropriate, over the top, flip flop loving, short shorts tank top wearing girlfriend.

  3. By Kevkev on Apr 28, 2009

    This was another blog full of win.

  4. By Katie on Apr 30, 2009

    oh kev master.

    you and brian are so silly.

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