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August 14th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

So I finished up my primary summer job on Monday.  I started my final conversation with my boss by saying “Shalom” which was fitting now that I think about it, meaning “hello” and “goodbye”.  Overall it was a pretty positive experience.  I learned more ASP/ADO that I could have learned on my own over the summer.  Hopefully the tools I wrote for the intranet will keep working.  I always try my best to design systems that even if not the best, will keep working.  There are a few things that still nag at me from previous summer jobs that I know will break… bugs I should have gotten rid of but didn’t have time to.  The fact that I know of them but didn’t have a chance to address them is extra frustrating for me.

Right now I am backing up my mac-mini to bamsrv.  My “new” all purpose box I’ll bring to college with me. Its not new at all, but hopefully it will make a good file server for my stuffs and anyone else’s stuff who I permit to use it.  After this test backup, I’ll be starting what I call the great backup.  I have to move lots of gigabytes off my Windows dynamic raid NTFS drives to a temporary storage location so I can reformat those drives in EXT3 or something to connect them up to bamsrv (running Ubuntu).  Unfortunatly I know the hard drive I’m backing them up to is corrupt.. so it will be an interesting backup procedure. If I had a spare 500gb drive I’d be all set, but I don’t.  Thinking about it, going windows raid probably wasn’t the smartest move for the long term, but it did work quite well for the short term.

I’ve been busy working on the redesign for Katie’s site.  If all goes well it will be live in a week or so.  I’ve also been busy working on a site for my parents, who are going to be renting out our Vermont house this fall/summer.  I’ll make sure to link to it when I get it up and running, but you should definately consider renting it.  Don’t tell them my blog referred you or anything like that, just pretend you heard about it on the internet or something.

Now I’m mad.  Facebook has been working on this redesign thing.  Personally, I don’t care too much about it.  I haven’t spent enough time on facebook in the past few weeks to have an opinion one way or the other.  I do however, care about my application: quotes.  Right now it seems like the quotes boxes aren’t being allowed on the main “wall” tab, being forced into the looser “boxes” area.  Junk.  I was aware of the changes coming up, but I figured I would be pretty save.  My application isn’t exactly complicated.  It just works, or at least thats the goal.  Now I’m going to have to spend time figuring out why my box can’t be in the same spot as the gifts, notes or superpoke.  If superpoke can be there, I should be able to be there.

I must start debugging this immediatly… maybe immediately after sleep.

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