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June 11th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

I think my mom is trying to kill us. She just cleaned the bathroom, and whatever she did was producing a terrible bleach-like odor. I almost evacuated to the basement of the house, though I didn’t take the time to compare the gas’s density to that of air to see if the basement was indeed the safe place to go. I think I’m ok for now, Kevin turned the bathroom fan on which seems to be clearing up the problem.

There are a few things I feel qualified to do, some of which I feel I am an authority on. When I feel qualified to do something, sometimes I feel like its my right to do so. I dislike it when people assume that since I have expressed no previous qualifications or might not be the first person that comes to mind, that I am completely unqualified. It just frustrates me sometimes when I feel like I should do something and no one else wants or expects me to. Ya know?

Right now I am very frustrated at some code I’m working on. Its being completely uncooperative, and its not the easiest to debug. The current implementation is very obfuscated, which goes against my usual technique of making things as clear and as easy as possible, even if I have to sacrifice some coding technique in the process. I have an idea how to get things working, but its a lame fix. Stupid programming languages. I do have a project I want to try in rails again, I just wish I didn’t have to plan so much before programming with rails. I feel like I have the skills to build a basic application, but I don’t have the skills to cleanly build on to that application as I develop. My plan is to spec everything out first and then build it, instead of my spec as you go plan.

My aunt just got a facebook and requested me as a friend. I cannot decline her, because we do know each other.. but I would be uncomfortable with her sharing some information back with my mom. Its a tricky thing, I think I’m going to set up one of those limited view things for her. Those are a lot of work to setup on facebook, I wish I could see my profile and click a X or something to close boxes to configure that view.

I was lucky enough to get invited into DropBox. Its a neat program to facilitate sharing files between computers automatically. If anyone wants an invite I have a few to share. Just let me know!

I’ve got to run, I’ll be back later!

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  2. By Katie on Jun 11, 2008

    yea. make sure to block everything from comments to pictures.

    its stupid to be friends with adults.

    i say accidentally delete her.

    adults need to let the younger generation live and not intrude upon their lives.
    we live and do as we please.

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