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I survived

May 22nd, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

So I survived. My four wisdom teeth are somewhere else, all that I know is that they are not in my mouth. If they are, I am going to be very mad at someone. The hardest part about the whole thing was probably not drinking water before going in for the procedure.. and all the salvating I did. I am very good at drooling. Part of my face is still numb, probably not a great sign. I go in tomorrow for the follow up, where I will clearly tell the Dr “I am still numb here (jab myself in lower jaw)”. The hardest part about having the numb spot is shaving. I’ve learned the feedback I get from my face is essential for a close/decent shave. I am resorting to shaving that triangle of my face using a poorly performing electric razor, then pulling out the regular one for the rest of my face. Stupid face.

I started work on Monday at T&B. Its been interesting. Working 8:00am to 5:00pm is long, especially with a 30 minute commute tacked on to that. At least my commute is timed such that I can listen to NPR. I enjoy the line “This is All Things Considered on NPR. I am Michele Norris.” I dunno what about that line is so cool, but the name “Michele” is neat, or the way she says it is. Lets see, more about work. I am doing lots of ASP development. Not ASP.net, just ASP. So far I have yet to be impressed with ASP. The code I’ve seen and written seems to be a lot of work for little results. I’ll take PHP any day please. Unforunately I can’t point you to any cool code I’ve written, its all for use on the intranet (i.e inside the network). I look forward to some challenging problems to solve, but who knows what will happen.

Overall things have been terribly busy. I should be asleep right now, but I’m not. I have tons of review to do for Concerto. I got access to Google App Engine and I really want to play around with some a few ideas I have floating in my head. To bad they didn’t do PHP or even RoR… but PHP first please. My secret project is coming slowly, but its coming. I am feeling deprived of community service. I want to volunteer some time at my local SHCTV15, but its hard to fit that in with a 8-5 working day. Who knows what will happen. I think I’m going to try to reduce my hours one day (maybe take an afternoon or morning off each week) to help out and fill my community service deprivation.

I think it is safe to say I am going to be opening up applications for BriSpace soon. What you are applying for is unknown, but a non-disclosure agreement will be manditory. I have to sign up for some online banking… talk to you later.

Goodnight moon.

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  2. By katie on May 26, 2008

    before community service…try fitting in our relationship.

    try being a little katie, dealing with a guy who is having a full time job, 40+hours a week and never having time for her.

    at this rate, i would be better quitting my job so i could actually have some form of a summer instead of sitting around and never seeing you or leaving the house.

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