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Thinking of tomorrow

November 20th, 2006 Posted in Life, Problems, Studio

Tommorrow will be an interesting day.

I arrived in South Hadley today because, unknown to me, my dad was in Stockbridge at a Strategic Planning Meeting for his company and came out to get me after the meeting was done.

Well, I planned on going into the studio/SHHS tomorrow to do some work and say hi to a few teachers. In typical mom tradition, she told me that I can not go to school tomorrow. Its a normal day of school and I shouldn’t distract the students. Wednesday it might be ok though.

That goes the plan. I can’t just go to school tomorrow because she won’t leave for work until 7:20. Unfortunately if I leave at 7:20 I won’t get to school in time to walk in like a regular student and go right to the studio without having to hassle the office. Well, I figured there was a chance I could make it into the school and sign into the office, I’m friends with Ms. Z so I thought I had a chance.

After talking with Katie tonight I no longer feel motivated or excited to come into school. Apparently I will have to jump through loops, be restricted to a certain area, that is IF someone will let me into the studio in the first place. And I guess there are only a few “authorized” persons to do so? I don’t know anything.

So what will I do? Who knows.

Personally I think I have a valid reason to be there. I was hired over the summer for a year long position, so technically I’m still an employee of the school district so I could be there unpaid, volunteering. I mean I still have a key and everything, so I don’t think I’m an intruder like everyone else.

Maybe everyone has forgotten how much time I’ve put into that place, not just that place but the district since 6th grade at the Middle School. I’ve fixed hundreds of computers, most of which unpaid. I know that if a teacher stops me tomorrow (if I go) I could say “do you remember that time I came to help you install ________” but of course I would never say that to someone, I’d rather take the humble lonely approach and sit here all day watching the laundry.

Of course I can’t stay all day because I have laundry and things to do. If I don’t do them tomorrow I’ll have to do them Wednesday and that will ruin that day. I’m not as lucky as some people who come home from college and get their laundry done for them. All I get is to save $1.25 a load.

Time to go to bed. If I can sleep. And think of a plan…

Good night moon.

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