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May 22nd, 2006 Posted in Studio, Stupid People

Today I learned how people are always willing to cooperate with me. Especially those who I’ve helped the most. It seems after 4 years of helping others, letting them have their ways; no one could do something I wanted for 1 day. I noticed that no matter how much you “pay it forward,” that never garuntees it will pay back.

For the past 4 years I’ve been involved with the Tiger Times, as possibly one of the most important members, and I’ve been approached with a lot of ideas that I personally don’t agree with. I’ve allowed credits music that I knew would get us in trouble, backgrounds that I find insensative, low quality productions, and a year of the most awful techno credits music ever. I hoped with putting up with others desires or wishes people would put up with mine for one day. The past four years have always been about you, I’ve always considered your suggestions and generally I take them to some extend; but is it too much to ask for one day where things go my way.

I’ve spent countless hours helping people with computer problems, giving people an on screen personality, even some people you wouldn’t expect… but few were able to help me out.
That was too much to ask for me, I placed a simple message “All Tiger Times Seniors need to see Brian before the end of the day today.” A total of 3 seniors found me, out of about 10.. and those 3 hesitantly participated.

A dream of mine is gone, the ending to a dynasty will occur without any conclusion, a seemly transition, stepping down of the gaurd will not occur with any pomp or circumstance. There will be no final goodbye, or any goodbye for that matter…

Apparently that was just a dreamed deferred, and I know I’ll regret that for a while to come.

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  2. By j on May 24, 2006

    *approaches brian* i did plan to come up to you during the day for the senior thing. sorry, that i forgot and left at one.

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