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Trumpet Noise

April 11th, 2006 Posted in Problems, Studio

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, I have made a decision…. pants are essential to life… no, just kidding.. well, I think pants are important but I didn’t decide that. Mr. Pantalon did… but my actual decision for college is RPI!!

Consider yourselves lucky, you’re the first ones to actually know! I haven’t even told my parents yet. How do I plan on telling them? I left a sticky note on the kitchen counter, that’s sure to tell them. I really didn’t want to deal with there “why’s” and anything like that. RPI, Final Answer, time to dish out the deposit.

That means driving to Troy (i.e a larger Holyoke) will become a more regular occurance. It’s about 1.45 hours so feel free to come visit me and Mr. Sullivan up there…

Yeah, as of late there has been a lot racing through my mind. How have i dealt with it? In my usual tradition, I haven’t. For example when 9/11 occured I refused to deal with it emotionally, I looked at it objectively and shed no tears… it wasn’t until this year in physics when it sunk in, then I broke down. But currently I’m not letting too many things get below the surface. Because below the surface I’m scared. I’m Scared that I’ll loose everything around me. I’m Scared that when I go off to Troy, South Hadlians are going to keep moving on and forget me just like a car ride. Well, I’m not sure how I can address that, but at the moment I have a little too much going on to try and do that at the moment.

Did I mention I worked 6:30pm-11pm tonight… that was tiring and boring at the same time. Next week, Tues-Fri I’ll be working 8a-2p ish at the high school… and this weekend I’ll be in NJ visiting mom’s fam (total draggg). I leave Friday morning and come back Mon? Maybe Sun but I doubt that.

And to add to the stress my dad is heading into Boston the monday we come back from Vaca (April 24-26) to have a procedure to address the cancer in his prostrate. Yea… maybe you could say a lil prayer for him. His name is Ronald Michalski. And he likes the Hot Tub, yard, and Vermont. Go figure?

Did I also forget my eagle project… running the cable studio while Tom takes a cruise next week (Tues and Weds night)..

EEK… luckily.. umm.. I have nothing to be thankful for..

EDIT… yes I do, I have a super cool girlfriend who always puts up with however dumb I am and can relieve my stress in an instant just by smiling

Maybe I’ll get a break… or else I might just… well, I won’t actually do anything.. but please chill/hang out with me and GEt me outta this house..I’m looking to avoid stress and that place is not here…


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  2. By Katie on Apr 12, 2006


    RPI, eh? Well good choice. I hope you enjoy it there. I’m def goin to miss you sooo very much, like yea, wow u have no clue. I’ll come visit you, if im allowed (by u).

    You’re scared? Well at least u have sully there with you. You’re very lucky with that.

    High school is gonna be soo wierd.unfun.different. without you there. It just will be. I dont think you’re goin to lose everything, but you will if u continue that attitude or outlook.

    I’ll def pray for Ron, cuz hes my hero, and i love him.

    These next weeks are goin to be hard on everyone, believe me, i already fear them. Things are gonna be tough at first, thats a given, but hopefully everything gets goood.

    Umm . . . nice edit.

    I will hang out with you. You name it, we’ll do it.Even if it means sittin on a curb, sittin in a car, walking, or just chillen.

    Just remember. . . i LOVE you,

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