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RPI Uprise at 5

Friday, February 27th, 2009 Posted in College, Personal, Stupid People | 3 Comments »

I think I would be doing a disservice to the internet if I didn't write a short post about the uprise at RPI yesterday (02/26/09).  I'll try and keep this report as non-biased as possible... well maybe I won't.  I'll ...

Leaving The Lights On

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009 Posted in College, Life, Personal, Stupid People | No Comments »

I like to light during most non sleeping hours.  In darker rooms, like my basement, I tend to leave the lights on most of the time.  In my dorm room, I find I can get away with just using sunlight ...

Christmas Eve has found me

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 Posted in Life, Stupid People | No Comments »

Its that time of year.  Anyone who has been reading my blog for any length of time knows the holidays rarely treat me well.  I find myself unable to get work done, frequently establishing a todo list that will barely ...