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To Market, To Market

October 8th, 2010 Posted in Life, Personal

Most people return from the market to relax, breath a sigh of relief, and just stop worrying about all those silly market-related concerns.  Assuming you’ve brought the desired fat pig with you, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about upon your return.  My returns from the market aren’t nearly that pleasant, it’s as if I haven’t brought the right fat pig with me.

I spend most of my time at the market.  I’ve always felt more comfortable there interacting with the vendors and other market goers.  The interactions are much more straightforward, there is a clear system of expectations based on supply, demand, and similar factors.  Returning from the market doesn’t feel nearly as comfortable; my interactions are clumsy and awkward.  I find myself hoping some market-emergency will arise triggering my return, or at least temporary escape.

It didn’t always use to be this way.  I can recall a few years ago when coming back from the market was a pleasant experience, it was an enjoyable break from a long day at the market.  I don’t know exactly when the return from the market fell off the list of things to look forward to, maybe it was when my vendor interactions got a bit more complicated.  I was bringing business back with me, and that was never a very acceptable thing to bring back from the market.

Usually I’m lucky enough to return from the market with a few others who have been busy marketing-away, but a recent return alone really pointed out how undesirable it is.  I think that by returning from the market with others I was most effectively able to bring a bit of the market with me, without that company I’m far less comfortable.  I think I will return to the market soon.

Good night moon.

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