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July 21st, 2010 Posted in Life

If my memory is correct, I’ve spoken about waves before.  You know, the kind you find in the ocean made of water that bounce floating objects around.  What strikes me about waves is the bad reputation they’ve earned.  Waves crash down and destroy things, toss boats around, and are blamed for generally messing things up around the coast.

What I think you’ll find is that if you just sit, maybe swim, somewhere where there are waves in the deeper waters you won’t do a whole lot of moving besides the buoying up and down as waves come and pass.  The waves aren’t out to drown you usually.  I do wonder if waves should really be blamed for all the hassle they cause things, maybe it is the things that is really causing all the trouble in the first place.

Sometimes I relate to waves.  I don’t make a lot of progress in my personal ocean, but when I do I tend to cause some quantity of hassel and unrest.  I would be lying to say everyone else may be to blame, as I previously stated in my wave example (my perpetual motion is not controlled by the moon to my knowledge), but I do wonder how much of a reaction is mine and how much should be attributed to others.

What does seem fitting is to toss an association at the closest object, without always using the hula-hoop to check for strings.  I get that, and I’ve probably been guilty of it a few times myself, but I don’t try and toss negative association horseshoes very often.  Like hand grenades, its one of those sports where closeness counts (and can cause damage), collateral I see no reason to risk.

Good night moon.

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