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Right Round

March 4th, 2009 Posted in Life, Personal, Problems

There is this new song out by one ‘FloRida’ entitled… well I don’t know, but there is a stanza in the song that is neat, referencing someones head, presumably metaphorically, spinning “right round, right round.” While I can’t figure out how “going down” can trigger this reaction, the stanza is pretty neat. I guess if you were oriented sideways, like laying down, something could, in theory, push your head right with enough force such that it would rotate right. I guess you’d have to be laying down on your right side for this to actually happen.. but that’s a moot point. The rest of the song makes me want to vomit, but I do a pretty good job at tuning out the junk. If this ‘FloRida’ spoke slower and not in rap, I might be able to understand why someone’s head is spinning around.. actually I think that both parties have their heads spinning around in a clockwise fashion, but whatever.

Sometimes I get really excited when I start to scan through the start of a data set because I am like wow this is super. Being a busy person I don’t get very far into it on the first look over so I stop the scan to review it later when I have more time. I’ve found on more than one occasion, that the data sets tend to go downhill in terms of excitement. I’m not sure if the data is just really exciting at the start, or I have just gotten used to it and am less excited by it.

I get moderately frustrated when people occupy space but not really. If you are going to occupy space than you should be in it, if you are not going to occupy it than you should leave. None of this “I am going to come back in an indeterminate amount of time, at which point I would like this space back.” I could certainly see someone temporarily leaving their space if they were going to the restroom or other short conveniences, but any long departure should trigger some sort of clean up operation such that others could occupy the same space until you return. Additionally, I dislike it when people exceed their space quota. CPanel is pretty good about this, it just shuts them down and prevents them from using more space. Real life is less easy. There is no automatic robot to stop you from taking out more paperwork to spread around, thought that would be really nice. I think that I might just get a keyboard, because keyboards seem to be an appropriate way to mark one’s territory without having to urinate all over the place.

Tomorrow I have a mandatory midterm in Networking Lab 1 here at RPI. That course might be on my top 10 least favorite courses. I think the concept of a course on networking is great, and while I’m not finished with this one yet, I’ve found the implementation this course uses to be pretty useless. For starters, I dislike how Cisco is used at least 12 times in any sentence during lecture, lab, or online material. Sure, while Cisco does control a huge share of the networking market, the probability that I’m going to be in an all Cisco environment is slim.. especially with this economy. Thinking back to previous places I’ve worked, I can’t think of any company that used more Cisco devices than they did HP, Dell, or 3com… Cisco is just too expensive for moderate sized companies I guess. It would be much more useful to me if I was taught how to make a Cisco router and an HP router switch work together, but neither the lab nor the lectures cover anything like that. Additionally, I’m off put by the sliding lab window, where the more labs I do the more labs that seem to be available. When I first signed up for this course you had to do 2 things to get an A: Pass the CCNA and BSCI exams and get complete all labs. Logically, I started to rush through as many labs as possible to knock that requirement out of the way… only to find that I had to attend every lab period [instead of working on lab when its convenient for me… like 9am] and that the faster I completed labs, the higher the probability that another lab would be created. Junk. And then there is this whole mandatory midterm if you haven’t gotten your CCNA yet thing. I’ll be taking the midterm and probably doing moderate to mild on it. I haven’t had time to study much because I have 3 other exams this week and getting my CCNA is something I’ll be doing next week or the next. The instructors like to promote the job that you have a good chance of working at Cisco or something if you do well in the course, which would be cool if I wanted to work there… but it’s not somewhere I am considering.. so please stop pushing it on me. Overall, this course has turned out to be far from what I was told it would be by two of the previous TA’s… not on my todo again list by any means.

There was more I planned on talking about, but I’m feeling like I want a baked good at the moment, like a cookie, brownie, or slice of cake. I have none of the above on stock.

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