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How We Dance

February 5th, 2009 Posted in Life, Personal

I enjoy helping people that want my help.  Sometimes I even assist in areas when people don’t necessarily ask, but I just volunteer.  I like to think its me being kind and spread some good cheer around.  Sometimes I start to get a little less-enthused about helping people when they start to restrict the methods in which I help.  If I am going to do something, I am probably going to want to do it the way that I can do it best.  No, I’m not saying its my way or the highway, but if you are looking for free labor.. I would rather limit the number of string and rules attached.

What I do sometimes is pretty controversial.  Not to me, but to everyone else.  I’m not sure why people can get upset about it.  98.7% of the time they are the source anyways and in an additional 1.2% of cases I classify individuals as secondary consenting sources.  Sure, that means that there is some populous of stuff out there that you might not have expected.  My personal approach to resolving this is to put as much stuff out there that I can control as possible.  The more developed I am, the lesser the chance that one of those extraneous buggers could create a legitimate threat against me.  Most people are just caught off guard.  There is always this “ooo tell me everything you know” thing that happens at some point during the process.  And I don’t.  That would be stupid.  We’re all playing poker here, and I can’t put all my cards down because I sure know you won’t.  You might say that you did, and you might even be convinced that you did, but unless your brain activity has been recorded, archived, and indexed since birth than you have not.

Lately I have found myself interested in three songs.  Two of which I’ll discuss and one of which I will not.  The first one is by Matt Nathanson.  I have been a fan of Mr. Nathanson every since I saw him on the not so Early Morning Show one day… or maybe it was the Today show… one of those sub-par programs.  Well his song “Cone on, Get Higher” presents some very interested topics. [Note, I’m not linking to the official music video because the ‘official’ one was chewed with a compressor or something].  I have extreme trouble figuring out what exactly is getting higher and the reference point that height is being measured from.  Traditionally, I dislike songs that use the line ‘swing of your hips’ and most songs that reference ‘hips’ in general the context but this song seems to be an exception.  I think the meaning of the song is hidden in the opening stanza’s where he discusses things that he misses.  The second song on the list is… something I forgot while writing that last paragraph.  I can remember song 3.. now what was in the middle.   Taylor Swift.. now I remembered it. The song is Love Story; now if you are going to listen to it you have to listen to the version speeded up and played with extra beats at a higher volume for the radio which you can find here.  I like the song because of the references to Shakespeare, even though she likely wrote it to get out of some stupid class project.  If I was a famous musician that would definitely be the way to get out of writing a paper or something, just write a song that summarized the part of the plot I could get from Sparknotes and make sure the song was really famous.  What I do find confusing is the lack of reference to the conclusion of the story, there is no references to everyone dying.  I guess writing a song with a happy ending is better than writing a depressing song.

I need to go do some push-ups.

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