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January 28th, 2009 Posted in Life, Personal

I’ve had a pretty junkie time downloading this file lately, no matter how long I leave my computer on or how high my ratio is, I just cannot not seem to get it all.  Its not like this just came out yesterday either… I figured waiting a few weeks would help it reach achieve a peek level of active seeders or something like that.  There are plenty of other people out there seeding the whole thing, but for some reason my torrent client just won’t take their bits.  I can’t say I’ve spent extra time testing the neutrality of my connection to see who along the line may be messing with me (honestly I am pretty confident someone somewhere is), but I haven’t had trouble with the whole file… just this last chunk of it.   Additionally, my other torrents seem to be working out pretty well.  Maybe they have been going a but slower, but nothing I can use to conclude this is an across-the-board torrent issue.

If I hadn’t been downloading this for such a long time, I would consider just deleting the whole thing and starting over again…. but I would hate to reach the same position I’m in right now.  I’ve also considering trying a different torrent of the same file, but the comments for those indicate they have a virus or trojan and I really don’t want to deal with that junk.

In other news, I’ve got this piece of paper sitting on my desk with an array of dates.  Unfortunately, I cannot recall what they mean.  I am doing my best to jog my memory, but it isn’t the easiest for me to remember why I care about a specific day of a month.  I guess if I can’t recall what these are for I will scour the internet and update my database, hopefully it will be able to figure out what I cannot.  Stupid memory.

Katie recently shared some insight with me, indicating people probably don’t sit next to me because I do not look very nice.  Now I’m not terrible sure which form of nice she was thinking of, but I tend to believe it was the friendly form of nice, not physically appearing decent.  I think I do a decent job of looking physically decent; I shower and shave daily, regularly do my laundry, and comb my hair on a regular basis.  I also do my best to avoid carrying an odor, via the use of deoderant, laundry detergent when I do the wash, and a general practice to avoid eating smelly things such as onions.  Based on that analysis, I can conclude my facial expressions or body language must not be very welcoming.  I don’t recall regularly sitting with my arms crossed and I think my default facial expression results in a slight smile.  I guess it could be my eyes right, in theory eyes can be pretty powerful communicators.. but I think mine are just recievers.

I guess I’ll go give Mr. Nathanson a listen.  His desire to experience a car crash is motivating to me.

Goodnight moon.

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  2. By Katie on Jan 29, 2009

    I was referring to when I first met you. You came off all mr. power and mighty and like you were looking down upon me. I also thought you looked like you were judging my little skills in a studio.

    But ur cute!

    And once people get past first meeting you…they see ur fab!

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