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October 7th, 2008 Posted in Personal, Problems, Stupid People

This one should have you scratching your head by the time I’m done with you.

Today must be dumb people do laundry day.  I went to do my laundry, which I start every Tuesday between 2:00 and 2:30pm and there was someone’s stuff in the washer.  Ok, I had some extra time in my schedule today so I figured I would give that person the common courtesy to wait 30 minutes before removing their clothes and starting mine.  Of course 3:00 came and their clothes were still in there so I started forcible removing them.  They were not organized into lights or darks or any easily destinguishable pattern, but by washing several wool items in both machines they managed to keep everything fairly dry (the wool absorbed most of the water).  Then I found a lighter, which I guess might be commonly found in pockets but I imagine its a little more difficult to forget.  Unlike a wallets, headphones, and pens, a lighter is made of hard material and has a bit larger width and diameter than that of a pen.  I wonder if the individual (I concluded it was a male) will continue to use the lighting device, that if its still in working order.

Today I determined, like I have many a time before, that if I could draw or sketch artistically I would be a fashion designer.  I would avoid designing dumb items, probably giving my attention to pants.  In my opinion, finding a good pair of pants is hard to come by these days.  Jeans are everywhere, and they are not good pants.  Then there is the problem of size, where pants do not come in any logical set of sizes.  I wear a 30×34 size pant.  I have only found 1 such model in existance the comes in this size… why?  Because the companies feel that since I am taller I should be fatter.  I am sorry pant manufactur, I have not gained weight in many years and as such I do not think I will suddenly grow in the waist.

Also, there is this magical category of clothes tagged as “active.”  You may have seen it as “activewear” or  “active styles” or something along those lines.  This does not make sense.  Why would anyone want clothes promote inactivity?  The last thing this society needs are clothes that motivate people to be lazier or do less.  Personally, I refuse to wear clothes that do not allow me to be active.  Actually I tend to dress in such a way to support a higher level of activity than I normally exert, its always better to be prepared than to have to say “Sorry, you can’t lift me off this roof top into your helicopter, these pants really lack the appropriate activity rating for that.”

Don’t even get my started on the “straight leg” labeling issue.  If you legs are not straight, you should probably see someone before you go shopping for pants.  I think there are doctors that specialize in making malformed limbs straight again.

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  2. By Kevkev on Oct 7, 2008

    LOL this blog was great, I love it when you make fun of things, because you’re good at it.

    I’m personally not a fan of female clothes with the word “Pink” written all over them, even though the clothes themselves aren’t pink. And even if they were pink, they don’t need to write it out to tell me!

  3. By katie on Oct 8, 2008

    Kevkev…pink is a runoff from victorias secret. It is the line designed at college females.

    Brian, what the!? You are crazy. I’ve recently started wearing a straight legged pair of jeans and you like them. Yep…so unless you are willing to learn what you are talking about first, don’t diss it or so forth.

    Get the know, yo.

  4. By jean on Nov 7, 2008

    did you just write an entire blog about clothing?

    i agree with kevin though, i’m a college girl and i do not like the “pink”, i think they’re slutty it basically says “HEY, EVERYONE, LOOK AT MY ASS, IT SAYS PINK!”

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