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Theory in the round

September 4th, 2008 Posted in Life, Personal, Problems

Most who know me know that I apply some type of analysis to nearly every behavior I exhibit.  Balance is one of the most common ideas I apply when evaluating my options.  Its critical to balance all the possible outcomes and side effects, putting the objective on the sideline.  Its very rare that I’ll unconditionally be on board with any idea, I generally have a hesitation or two but I take time to balance that with the possible gains or loses the idea presents.

I’ve never really enjoyed it when people just say yes nearly instantaneously.  I can understand sometimes you happen to be in agreement where both parties were thinking the same thing, but what if both parties are wrong?  I would be extremely cautious when evaluating a concept that you and someone else appear to be on the exact same page on.  How did you both end up on that page?  Unless they are you’re clone or something, they likely share a distinct opinion and set of ifluential factors.  Which one of you left something out of the equation?  Who didn’t consider option number 2?

There are some decisions and thought processes that don’t always require such in depth analysis.  You agree?  Maybe you thought yes.  That would have been incorrect to think.  Way to go ignoring my previous statements.  Every decision is not independent.  You can do everything in your power to cage one block of activity into a seperate domain but the fact that you’re involved with it and have thought about it changes your state forever.  You can never return to the point or orgin before the independent tangent was launched.  I don’t remember is a popular excuse for two possible things.  First, it may mean that you weren’t pleased with the publically distributable outcome.  Secondly, you may think you’ve forgotten.  Just because you can’t replay the moment in your head you have not steered clear of the side effects.  For all you know the things you’ve “forgotten” may be shaping where you stand today.  They will likely shape where you stand tomorrow.

Personally I an extremely uncomfortable knowing, or not knowing, what may be influencing my thought process.  If I recognize it I can control it, if I don’t recognize it I’m left to apply general guidlines to a certain broad area I feel uncontrollable factors may lay.

My name is Brian M and I enjoy data.

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  2. By katie on Sep 5, 2008

    that was bizarre to say the least, and I’m really at a loss for words.

    I’m Katie B…and I rock.

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