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Moving Again

August 28th, 2008 Posted in College, Problems

No I’m not dead.  I didn’t stop paying the bills.. I actually offered to pay more than my bill, but I was unable to convince my VPS host to stay online.  Apparently they were getting DDoS a lot and had to close down.. pretty lame if you ask me.  I was worried because one night my sites where there and the next.. no response at all.  Luckily they were nice enough to send me a backup, so I think we’re back online.  If you can read this that means we are.

Ok, so I just had to battle with MySQL to unlock my tables.  I had to import them by copying the files from /var/lib/mysql to the right place, but MyISAM wouldn’t unlock them.  phpMyAdmin could export the sql, which I then re-imported.. and now I think this can be posted.

I’ve sucessfully moved into my single here at RPI which is pretty nice.  I’ve got enough space for my modest living arrangements and the room isn’t in terrible shape.  The primary light balast (if thats what they are called) in the bathroom is broken unless you increase the humidity by showering… which is good for me, I can see when I’m shaving.  My schedule is different, it reminds me of my high school and middle school days; I start class at 8:00am everyday, and run pretty straight through until 2-3.  The morning classes aren’t too hard on my sleep, but breakfast is!  I really enjoy eating a bagel for breakfast at Commons.  Last year, with 10am classes most days it was easy.  This year, squeezing in a formal breakfast in the 30 minutes after Commons opens at 7:30 would be tough.  I guess I could walk to Commons and be in line when they open at 7:30, but then I would not have time to properly brush my teeth after eating breakfast.  If this was any other meal I might be ok, but I must brush after breakfast or I feel physically uncomfortable all day.

I have much more to discuss, and I will definately do that at a later point.  I just wanted to check in so people didn’t submit bug reports to their RSS readers, internet providers, etc for this site always being down.  Feel free to blame them for not providing a backup of my humble musing.

Good night moon.

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  2. By katie on Aug 28, 2008

    hello sir.

    it’s good to see that you are blogging. glad to know you still exist lol.

    so i finished putting all the pictures i have up, which makes me want more. i am very tempted to go to the big fancy mall nearby, but i may spend tooo much money.

    i should be going to bed now, but i won’t, even though i have events to attend in the am like for 9am, meaning i need to eat breakfast sometime.

    your room is cute…wait till you see mine.

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