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Riding Late to the Cherry Tree

August 6th, 2008 Posted in Life, Problems

Two nights ago I had the pleasure of attending a KT Tunstall concert in Northampton. The show started at 8 with an opening act. Some girl by the name of Khaki Katie (maybe it was Kaki King) started off, ya know to warm us all up. She played the guitar and was decent at it, given she had 0 expression the entire time. I’ll give her points for being on time and playing decent music, not much beyond that… but what do you expect from the opening act right? Well she finished her half hour segment at 8:32pm. I figured that KT Tunstall would be on in a few minutes… maybe 15… 30 max. Well it wasn’t until like 9:25 that KT took the stage… 50 minutes of sitting there and doing nothing. She took the stage and promised us 1.5 hours of music to earn our trust back. I set my watch accordingly.

Apparently she had released a new album that Katie (not the Kaki Katie, the Katie Katie) had failed to mention to me. I didn’t recognize most of the songs, but they were pleasant. Her band seemed to be made up of 4 seemingly nice gentlemen. The man closest to me was playing the bass guitar, Arnulf Linder. He’s essentially a thinner version of Ron Burgundy from Anchorman. While I didn’t identify any particular part of the performace that was his, he seemed to be doing a cool job. And his clothes looked like they were washed, unlike the other performers. Overall their music was pleasant and the concert was going well. KT and the band took a break at one point, so everyone else in the audience felt the desire to clap in unison to get her to come back. It worked after a few minutes, and everyone stood up to applaud. No one sat down for the remainer of the concert (likely from sitting on the edge of their seats from the 50 minute waiting game we all played. People felt obligated to maneuver closer to the stage to.. idk what. Get a better view? Well everyone was standing so no one had a good view. Maybe they just wanted to be closer to the action or something. I don’t know. It was moderately humorous to watch people in their 40s and 50s to “dance” to the music. My favorite move is the spaz-out-like-you’re-a-malfunctioning-robot move. That is clearly what all the cool kids are doing these days.

Of course she failed to deliver 1.5 hours of performing, unless the ringing in my ears as I walked to my car was part of the package deal. Overall I would estimate she performed for 1.1-1.2 hours maximum. Not enough to my trust back. I demand at least 87% of your target hours of performing. Just another 10 minutes would have gotten me back on the large black horse. Alas I digress. I had a good time, and I hope Katie did too! Kudos to her for getting the tickets a forever ago.

Off the fun for me topics and onto the fun for you topics. Maybe its fun for me and not you.. I’m not really sure. Lately I’ve found myself sailing a boat I’m not completely familiar with. When you’re sailing a boat, you recognize there are only so many things you can control. You can steer to a certain point. You can bail at a certain speed. You can carry so many life jackets, etc… the rest of the time you are at the mercy of the sea and forces around you. If Poseidon, god of the sea, wants to make a massive whirl pool in front of you.. good luck. Maybe he wants to make the water vanish. Imagine a chunk of water just goes missing, exposing the bottom of the ocean.. wouldn’t that be neat. Completely irrelavent, right? I’ve done my best for quite some time to steer my boat in the direction I want to go, and on that course I’ve done my best to help others on their boats to where they want to be. Sometimes this has put me off course, sometimes its been align with my journey.. but I’m always willing to give it a try. What can you loose? Maybe a little of your progress, but if someone else can get a boost isn’t that for the better.

While flying my airplane I think to myself, whats the timeline for one of those flying gas station planes to come and refuel me. How long will I be required to operate on the current amount of fuel. I mean yes, I have enough to make it to an airport… but is that really the airport I want to go to. I dunno. If its ORD then yes, because I’ve always liked ORD. Somewhere like HKG.. maybe not right now.

I guess cruising is always an option.

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