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Pre-Alpha Feedback Team Group

June 26th, 2008 Posted in Life, Personal

This week has been pretty standard for me. I can’t say I’ve done anything uber exciting but I have managed to keep productivity relatively high. I just figured out to VPN off my Ubuntu box. Well, re figured out how, set it up so long ago I forgot how to connect. THe command is ‘vpnc rpiex’. I’ve found that if I configure my proxy settings correctly at work, I can SSH and FTP to various machines, so I keep busy during my lunch break working on what little code I can. All pretty boring stuff.

The team over at BriSpace.net has been working on a pretty neat project, and is looking for some testers to test stuff out. The project is kind of like a multiuser powerpoint/digital signage kinda thing (No, not Concerto). Essentially you need to be capable of working a computer, surfing the internet, and willing to provide feedback about your experience. The official signup process is pretty easy, comment below including your email address or shoot me an email (bmichalski@gmail.com). No, this isn’t a paid position, and you shouldn’t feel obligated to sign up. I could just use some help from a user interface standpoint. I have a pretty strong idea what the data is, and the basic components that need to exist, but the positioning and stuff are not my forte. I am not going to find the special e for forte.

I did print out the YUI earlier in the week. Its my favorite “javascript library” if thats what you call it. I enjoy the strong documentation and examples they provide, as well as how easy it is to use. Skinning it may be another challenge, but I’ll cross that bridge [likely burning it in the process] when I get there.

Oh yes, now I recall. Last night I saw the “Love Guru” in theaters. It was 85% terrible. There were lots of inappropriate jokes throughout the movie. It seemed the love guru wasn’t actually interested in helping people form a loving relationship, he was simply interested in helping people partake in an action verb form of love. I dunno, I don’t think I’ve ever been a huge fan of Mike Myers. I’ve avoided the Austin Powers series pretty effectively during my Middle and High School career… I just don’t usually enjoy that kind of humour I guess. I do look forward to seeing “Get Smart”. I hope it is half as good at the TV show its based on. Maybe when my cell phone dies, I will work to embed it in my shoe. Not quite sure what that would achieve except a spot on the terrorism watchlist, but I guess is a problem to be addressed later.

I don’t like it when my mind gets stuck doing crosstab queries, cubes are really the way to go. They are harder to digest, but you literally gain a whole new dimension to the data. Even then, I do tend to come to the same result.. usually just requiring a few more computations. The main problem isn’t really the dataset forming whatever model I want, but really the comparison between them. Lets say I have a datacube about object A, but all I have about object B is barely one dimensional, rarely two. Yes, I do my best to fill in the gaps but I don’t recieve the necessary feedback to determine how accurate my assumptions are, and an analysis conducted on assumptions that haven’t been tested (nevermind verified) isn’t worth the power to compute it. Energy is getting expense I guess, but that is most certainly not what I was trying to illude to.

Back to vim.

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