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Back to the basics

May 11th, 2008 Posted in Life

I am now sitting in my basement, where I have setup shop with my computers. My shoebox (SFF) is still broken and needs a new motherboard, but I won’t bother with fixing that for a little while. Its a different feeling to be home from school, I have lots of stuff to unpack yet I find myself very hesitant to do so. I just know that in <4 months I’ll be packing it all up again and heading back. I need to take some time to prioritize this summers projects, which I’d really like to get started on tomorrow.

The problem is that on Wednesday, at 9:00am I am going in to have 4 of something removed from my mouth (maybe wisdom teeth). I am under the impression that I will be OOC (out of comission) for Wednesday, and maybe the latter of that week as well.. so I probably don’t want to start anything too involved before then. My current plan is to completely ignore the fact that I’m having this procedure done until I get there, and even then completely focus on something else. This is part of my larger plan to avoid passing out, or doing anything that would make me have to go back a second time to complete the procedure. In an attempt to plan the best timed vacation in the world, my dad is going away to Puerto Rico tomorrow for a little over a week, so mom will be the sole person responsible for this undertaking. I wish I could take a pill or get an injection that would like dissolve whatever they have to take out of me. Maybe they could make some “nanites” to eat them or something. That would be much cooler, and probably less scarry for me, than being sliced open.

Switching topics, I need to start thinking about new cell phone plans sooner rather than later. Dad asked me if I wanted to do that this afternoon (which of course I did), but I referred him to Kevin because he should pick out his own phone. Of course Kevin declined, because he doesn’t want to do anything that might possibly result in him getting a new phone. I know he is so attached to the old one, which he has sent like 3 text messages on, and recieved around 10mins worth of phone calls over the past 2 years. Sometimes ya just got to let them go I told him, but he was too busy with some rocks to listen. But seriously, (that implies I made most of that last part up FYI) I’m not sure what to do. Dad has asked if I wanted a PDA for my birthday, which I wouldn’t mind but I’m not interested in carrying both a PDA and a cell phone around. Data plans aren’t as cheap as I’d like them to be, so who knows. I’m also mad that there are no Andriod phones for me yet. I know that they will be out in under 2 years (my likely contract length), so I’ll be a late adopter of that plan. Based on past data, there is a high likelyhood the release of such a phone will be coordianted with when Katie’s phone is up for a new one. She is lucky with her cell phones like that… I am not.

I’m suppose to start work next Monday (a week from tomorrow) and I’m partially excited. I’m excited to be given projects that actually have a hard deadline and are expecting some completion. I’m also worried about the technical nature of those projects, I would be very excited to work on some cool web portal thing, but I would be less excited to replace ink cartridges in printers. I guess I have a very poor feel for what work I’m going to be doing. Last year at MassMutual it was very clear to me, the projected was explained in the interview and I had a clue what I was getting into. This year I know little to nothing.

Prom was last night. It was different, not so many people. That made my attempt at dancing even worse, I have this problem dancing in front of people I’ve worked with like the principal, deans, etc. Especially this one teacher, who several years ago, made some remarks about my lack of social life that still haunt me to this day. But I did my best, and that was the best that I could do. The food was wierd, but we got McDonalds afterwards which was tasty. More to write here, but not for this blog.

I guess I’m going to go watch Friday’s episode of Numb3rs and see what pretend exciting stuff I missed. It would be neat if the world was as excited as TV shows make it out to me.

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  2. By katie on May 13, 2008

    prom was amazing.

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