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April 24th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

Today has been a pretty terrible day. I don’t think it got off to such a great start, my head was uncomfortable and I kept falling back asleep. I started doing my laundy ok, but I was clearly in disarray when I managed to leave my keys in my room (it was ok, I had only walked 1 foot outside my door.. but clearly a sign. I ate breakfast, where my initial analasis failed to indentify the optimal donuts. It was only after I grabbed my 2 donuts that I realized a much better one was right in front of me on the right side of the plate. I eat 2 small donuts every Thursday. The orange juice was terrible as its been all week. I’m not sure if its something with the juice or the fact that I take my vitamen shortly before I head over to breakfast.

I guess I should be glad I got back from breakfast ok, was able to switch laundry loads, and finished the CANOS homework pretty swiftly. When I went down to fold my clothes after the dryer stopped, 2 men came into the room while I was folding my whites to collect the change from the machines. They didn’t say a word to me or each other, so I just moved out of the way. Soon afterwards I identifed (or maybe failed to identify) that I had lost a sock! I have never lost a sock every while doing my own laundry. I can only draw these basic conclusions. 1) A sock is hidden in my clothes somewhere, maybe a pant leg or a t-shirt. 2) That sock was actually my brothers, I was temporarily using his laundry basket last weekend while I was home so I could have transported an odd sock up here with my dirty clothes. Unfortunately I do not think that my brother keeps an inventory of his socks, so we may never know.

The other big thing on my mind has been the 2 tests I have tomorrow. Chemistry at 8am and Physics at 6pm. Both of those tests are scheduled during some of my default eating times, so I will have to try some sort of phase shift. I wouldn’t mind having 2 tests in one day if they were closer together, but this idea of early in the morning and later at night doesn’t sit well with me. Typically I would say ok, test in the morning means I can relax more in the evening.. or test at night gives me the morning to study. Both just put me on edge. I reviewed the material for chemistry from the book in 1.75 hours, and I just made my physics crib sheet. I’ll likely do more review after dinner.

I’m also either feeling depressed, or unable to conjour an appropriate feeling. I’m not very sure why, but its tricky. Sure, the tests aren’t helping, but I’m unfortunately feeling outside influence as well. Maybe outside influence wasn’t the correct work, I’m subject to an outside force that is adjusting some inside things. Kinda like a magnet maybe? I’ve recognized that pattern that happens very consistently in some applications, and not at all in others. I know, I know, it will all equal out in the end… but I’m very used to these things equalling out in a period of days, weeks, or months… not this several year long cycle as it may be. I think if I didn’t have to think about my tests tomorrow I might be able to sort this out, or at least try but I do not have that luxury. In most situations I think I would apply a negative stereotype to get this out of my mind, but my research doesn’t allow me to cast that so easily. If I didn’t have the data I’d be able to, but I since I have it I can’t just go against what it indicates.

I am both wearing a grey shirt and starving for dinner. I have been hungry for exactly 1 hour and 21 minutes. I would really like to get some pizza from somewhere decent (i.e not commons) but I’m not going to. I can’t ‘reward’ myself without some clear victory, job well done, or something to deserve it. I guess its off to commons. Commons will be my cilice…

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  2. By katie on Apr 24, 2008

    mmm…i love you.

    cheer up

    just think, you are almost done with your year…making you closer to being doing with RPI…making it closer to KT and Bri time in the big city

    oooo and it means NO JOSH, quietness, sleep, scary ann time, normalish food, vermont trips, and a stalker known by miss k to the t

  3. By katie on Apr 28, 2008

    how is life today mr. m??

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