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March 30th, 2008 Posted in College, Problems

Much to talk about. Not much time to do it in. My alarm clock is set for 06:30am tomorrow and I have class at 10:00am. I don’t have a completely full list of things to do, but I would like to work on a few bits and pieces tomorrow morning. I greatly wish somewhere was open for breakfast at an earlier hour like 7:00, at least for getting bagels and stuff. I have hypothesized that I could buy a bag of bagels, some butter, and a carton of orange juice and make my own breakfast.. but my dorm room doesn’t make a very good kitchen. I have a problem using my one desk to do physics hw and then prepare a bagel. Those are separate activities that belong in separate spaces.

In other news, I guess its good news… I succedded in securing a single next year in BARH. I calculated the odds beforehand and I identified a 125% chance of getting one… so I would have been very upset if I didn’t. Its not like anything super great, it still has a shared bathroom.. but it is near the laundry which is good. I like laundry. Maybe there will be room for me to create a spot where I can cook a bagel some mornings, since it looks as if I may have class at 8:00am everyday. I’m continuing on my mission to take classes that interest me, and next semester continues to be pretty boring. There isn’t much room for “variety” in my schedule, and the “variety” offered in the Computer and Systems Engineering department here isn’t very varied. So I’m taking Operations Systems (aka Op Sys). I have no clue what it entails, but Prog Lang occurs at the same time as Circuits, so I couldn’t take that. I really wanted to take more courses about the web, like Web Science or Writing for the WWW (to fufill that stupid requirement) but they do not fit into my schedule because circuits occupies the most desired timeslot everyday. Stupid circuits.

I also upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.5 today, its pretty wierd. Even if you’re on the edge of technology like I tend to be, this upgrade was a little out there. I can barely find anything, but plugins upgrade themselves which is neat. The whole interface is different and “cleaner” which I don’t always like in a website. All this white and light blue’s make me feel like I’m interacting with a cloud… my blog is certainly not that.

There are a few things in life that frustrate me when I see them, and there are others that frustrate me when I interact with them. Lately there’s been a visual thing that frustrates me, and its difficult to explain why. Maybe someone is beating me at my own game of unwavering optimism, but the tense doesn’t match the future… it implies the past. Now given, this wasn’t written by promoter, but I assume a direct connection because of the duration and quantity in which its been used. If it made sense, or had any direct application at all I would be ok with it. Or if it was compleletely random I would be ok with that as well, but this foggy connection is what annoys me. I can plug the line in any which way and it might work. A deeper analysis is required.

Good night moon.

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  2. By katie on Mar 31, 2008

    Aren’t you lucky mr. single.

    I wish I was as lucky as you as it came in the college process. But my life has always been crap and complete loss one after another.

    Too bad you get a single the year I’ll be hours away. ARG.

    Maybe you’ll cheer me up occasionally and come visit me, or pick me up from the train station when I decide to say hi to you.


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