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Moderate Friday

March 21st, 2008 Posted in College, Life

Today is “Good Friday”. Mine hasn’t been super good, so I’m calling this blog moderate Friday, because so far I’m having a moderate day. For once I would like to focus on all the great and good things that are going on in my life, I think a positive and uplifting blog would be a good one. Well that blog won’t be this one, I’ll have to save that for the time where there are a few things going on in my life that classify more in the “good” category than in the “1-good” category.

Today was Friday, which means a weekend is coming up. This weekend is Easter, and of course RPI has no days off to celebrate such a holiday. While I’m still collecting data, a significant amount of students go home at some point to participate in holiday events. I will not be one of those students. My mom decided that I shouldn’t come home since I was just there last weekend ya know.. wouldn’t want to stay too long.. then I might feel like I live there or something. They were kind enough to send me a card in the mail. I really want to send cards back, but I never remember too. I think when I’m older I’m going to go out like once or twice a year and buy all the cards I’ll need for the entire year. Then when I’m bored I can fill them out, maybe in advance of the event, and keep them in a file that tell me when to mail things. I think it will be very effecient.

I get annoyed at some things rather quickly. Sometimes I get pre-annoyed, like I know something that will annoy me is coming so I get annoyed before it even happens. I don’t think this is a good thing. But it happens, and I usually just say ok or some passive answer because I’m in no position to get into a heated debate over it. Its not like a moot point or something I’m not qualified to answer.. I detect those and reroute them quickly. Its things that I am qualified to deal with but I just feel like its not my place. I’ve never liked it when people ask questions when they’re really just telling you something. A good example is “Can you walk to the dog?” Well you can’t say no, because the dog certainly isn’t going to walk itself. You mind as well just agree and go along for the ride. You can clean up the damage later right? If the question “Would you like to walk the dog or should I do it tonight?” was posed it would be much more pleasent to answer. I might be more inclined to say yes without putting up a fight because the question was asked in such a manor I felt I had the choice. Thats something I like a lot, having choices. I dislike it when people feel that leaders have to assign tasks to other people, or tell someone what to do. Thats no fun is it. Sure, its easier for the person in charge but its more fun to give people choices… and as a leader your mission is to connect their choice into your desired product.

That got very far off track… my bad. GSOC 2008 released a list of organizations you can work with.. I have 2 in mind I might apply for. Who knows what will happen. I recently calculated my odds of getting a single in BARH next year via intrahall squatting. It was like 120% which is either very good, or I didn’t take some factors into account. We’ll see on 3/30.

If I were to say one thing, I think it would be this: Your eyes are made of swiss cheese, yet you percieve the world into your advanced neural network.

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  2. By katie on Mar 22, 2008

    ur closing line…whoa…far out…trippy…i’m lost

    i don’t like cheese…so i don’t quite connect to the meaning

    a shame.

    did u like ur surprise visit…prob not?

    i love you more than ever.

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