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March 10th, 2008 Posted in Life, Problems

So this morning I went to visit the “oral surgeon” because I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out over the summer. They aren’t causing me pain or anything, but they will not fit in my mouth; or so I am told my the regular dentist. Everything was going well, and we were just about to be done meeting with the doctor when dumb Brian decided to pass out. I really don’t like it when I faint, its lame and embarrassing. Like if they were actually doing the procedure or something I would feel better about it, but were had just finished talking about it, and we weren’t even talking about the details. Maybe it was the BNC power cable the Dr had plugged into the lamp mounted on his head, I don’t know. I will have to adjust my fainting curve slightly to improve my prediction of when I will faint next. At least I didn’t start convulsing, that tends to scare people a little more than just passing out.. so I’ll commend myself for that one.

Of course in the process, a nurse (or somebody performing the role of a nurse) felt it necessary to violently rub my left shoulder after I woke up. I was dreaming something, and I am trying very hard to remember what it was. The internet might have been on a beach, I don’t really know. But that nurse “rubbing” my shoulder, she was more like kneading it as if it was bread. My left shoulder is now very sore and it hurts to move. I would say “I am lucky she didn’t dislocate it”, but thats less funny as of late.

I still feel not well but I am taking it easy today, rest will make me better I am sure. Stupid Brian with his fainting and heart beat nonsense. Its safe to say I’m nervous about most medical procedudes, especially ones that involve sharp objects (like xrays and all that are cool) but I’ve been trying very hard to convince my mind that it shouldn’t worry. I had achieved this state of mind up until Sat/Sun when everyone felt it critical to inform me how terribly scarry this procedure would be and how they were going to do this that and the other thing. Clearly my mind skills require further development. I will work on this.

In other news, I am on spring break. The mailman is here, I think I’m going to run down to get the mail to ensure my heart can still pump blood at a good rate. Brb, if I’m not back in like 5 it means I fainted. Ok I made it. Nothing good in the mail for me as always. In other news I’m recently re-frustrated at a bunch of stuff from winter break. I filled out all this paper work by myself, and it clearly stated that the responsible party (RP) would be the one who filled out the paperwork (and who’s name was on the paperwork) yet I find that everything is being handled by another party, which is very frustrating when the entire goal behind this was for me to be the RP and get to deal with everything but I’ve dealt with 0. Nothing has been mailed to me, no one has called or emailed me, even when I checked the “email takes precedence over calling me” box. I don’t understand where the exception lies in the contract, clearly not in any of the portions I signed an agreed to. Alas I digress…

Back on the fainting topic, I don’t like it when people say that because I faint I am clearly not eligible for a profession in the medical field, or that we are lucky you aren’t training to become a doctor. No, I am not interested in a position in the medical field, but I do believe that if I apply myself to something I can do just about anything. Clearly becoming the world strongest man isn’t something I could pull off over night, but there are plently of things I feel that with enough training, education, and dedication I could do.

I need to go recycle the cans & bottles. I really don’t care about the $3.45 I’ll be getting back, but doing a good thing for the enviroment is a good thing. Mom just returned from the store with some vitamens for me to take, clearly scooby doo shapes were the only ones I would eat. I guess when you require chewable pills it really limits the choices….

Time to recycle…

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  2. By katie on Mar 11, 2008

    One your mom is stupid. Vitamens? wtfreak

    Two I hope you are ok. You worry me with your weird health issues. Especially the whole heart thing. Ever since you told me I was scared. I don’t need you to have something go wrong… I wouldn’t prob faint myself like that time at six flags when I wanted to see Daughtry.

    Get better and tell ann to shut up.

    On another note, you need to start standing up to ur rents more. They control you to a T and you’re what, almost 20 in like two months. Take control of your life and yell at them. ROAR.

    Too bad you didn’t talk about the real importance about yesterday.


  3. By katie on Mar 11, 2008

    p.s i dont know why you go on gmail chat today, see that i’m on, and run away, as if i was never there. thanks?

  4. By brz on Mar 11, 2008

    I had my wisdom teeth taken out a couple years back and despite them being fairly entrenched in my mouth, I didn’t find it to be at all scary or overly painful/difficult to overcome. Just tell yourself that you’ll get through it and you will. Just as you said, you – as with every one of us – can do anything, including making it out of the procedure in a good state of mind.


  5. By katie on Mar 12, 2008

    bzaik made some valid points (if im correct with my assumption that was him)

    p.s u should update ur pics above, ya kno, but keep the same style?
    idk just a thought, since lots of time has passed. maybe keep some of them there, and switch in some others?

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