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Encrypted Pants

March 4th, 2008 Posted in College, Life

I wrote a blog last night, but when I finally went to post it my wireless died and it failed to post. Of course my wireless had been dead for some time, so WordPress failed to autosave. Alas I’ll try again.

I am going to issue a decree: People should not wear codes on their pants. I realized this obvious problem this morning while eating breakfast in commons. Someone was cooking eggs at the cook your eggs at 700 degrees station (Yes, the students turn it to max everytime they use it) and I noticed someone had letters on their pants. Now typically when I see a bunch of letters, my mind automatically assembles the word and would recognize it but this case was different. The letters were all skewed at different angles, shapes, overlappings, etc.. it was junk. My mind spent more time than it normally does trying to turn this bunch of letters into a word. I had to stop it, because starring at someones pants for too long is always a bad thing and if the code on they were trying to convey to me was that important, they wouldn’t have placed it on their pants. So please, if you are trying to communicate to me using some type of cypher, encoding, hash, code, or cryptosystem, please do not place it on your pants.

In other news, tomorow will be my 7th day of feeling lousy. Today my stomach was upset from the hours of 12pm to 7pm, which was pretty terrible. I ended up skipping dinner, under the feeling I wouldn’t be able to keep anything down so I ate some elf crackers at BARH. (They ran out of pretzels FYI) I was worried, because that wasn’t holding me over very well and it was already past commons closing time so I was unsure what to eat. Typically I would have just muched on bread or crackers, but they don’t have those items in free abundance here. Katie came to the rescue and suggested I get a sub, which proved to be a very intelligent choice. I ate a grilled chicken sub with lettuce and american cheese. No mayo or other dressings. While it was partially tasteless, it didn’t upset my stomach and provided me with some much needed calories. I sometimes enjoy tasteless food, its refreshing to just eat something and not have to worry about what the next bite will taste like.

I recently got my beta invite to PMOG, which is a pretty neat game when it works. Essentially its a Firefox plugin that runs a game, you get points for surfing the neat and can “place” things on sites you visit like mines, portals, crates, etc for other people with this plugin to find. I wish I had thought of something like this sooner. Unfortunately the extension doesn’t work well in Firefox 3 beta 3, and it likes to sign me out without telling me. You can check out my profile here. If you want an invite, let me know and I’ll shoot one your way if I get one.

I have a story about resources to tell, and the resource monitor, but I’ll save it for another time. I should get to bed so I can start feeling better sooner.

Goodnight moon.

  1. 2 Responses to “Encrypted Pants”

  2. By katie on Mar 5, 2008

    not too entertaining of a blog, but then again im not a computer JUNKY

    were you looking at a girls pants? I would hope not.

    maybe i should get pants with words then?


    im smart

  3. By katie on Mar 5, 2008

    im not gonna lie. i have an issue avec tu.

    why can’t u answer ur cell phone when i know uve been out of class for around four hours!

    come on now mister. you know my schedule and last time i checked we were ‘dating’ so why can’t u ever pick up the cell and call me or answer me.

    im pretty over the whole hit the ignore button. i can tell when u do that. (tres rude)

    fix this problem pronto.

    or else. kung fu.

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