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February 24th, 2008 Posted in Life

I really enjoy the tune from “The Riddle” from Five for Fighting. It has a very pleasant, upbeat rhythm and everything. I just finished cleaning my listeners, as per Katie’s suggestion. Its always good to maintain a clear listening ability, because I think listening is one of the more important things once can do. If you’re not listening correctly, you probably should not be listening in the first place, so its essential to ensure those pathway are free, unobstructed, and unbiased. Out of these three topics, I think listening would fall in the middle, somewhere after doing, but before talking. Everyone would organize this differently, but for me its more important to be able to do things than to be able communicate effectively about things. It kinda related to the concept of being “all talk and no show.” I think that is a terrible idea, so I try to have the show done before I talk, or substantially done so I am sufficiently confident. It did only take 3 out of the allocated 4 supply units to complete my task, so that’s good. Considering the four I allocated was half of my ration left.

I’ve placed a finger on another problem of mine, touching and going. Now I’m describing this in terms of airplanes. When a pilot is going too fast or is running out of runway he can pull up.. touching the ground, and going away.. usually they turn in a circle to try again but thats not really important, we’ll focus on this single incident. For example I can walk somewhere, take a quick survey of the situation, then leave. I don’t have to stop and take off my bag or coat because some flag was thrown that advised me it wasn’t safe to land there. This also happens when I’m driving in my car. I recall this year the Big E was going on, and Katie and I headed down that way to check it out. Well I got on the main road where every starts selling their yard as a parking lot, and I failed to park anywhere so I left. It was pretty sketchy parking on lawns, and there was too much traffic to try and switch lanes to get into the official parking lot. I wonder what character flaws this exposes.. hrm. I guess any number of them really.

Sometimes I get sad, wondering what can I do to improve things that I’m not good at. I try to figure out but its challenging, and I’m clearly below average. There are some things that I can easily apply an improvement plan I’ve already planned for if necesary, or I have a response ready if needed, but there are some things I don’t… its just rare I am tossed something I’m not sure how to deal with. I mean things could go better, but I have a feeling that magic isn’t a statistically sound thing to rely on.

I am trying to figure out what this verb “slide” means in the song “Slide” by Goo Goo Dolls. I can’t seem to see why this person should slide… or specifically what they will sliding on. Will they be sliding on a floor? Down a ramp/slide? I just do not know. Maybe it is about a person who is trying to move who has large concrete blocks around their feet so all they can do is slide across the floor. Actually I think I’m right. Well that riddle isn’t fun any more.

This next week is my dads last full week of work I think, after next weekend he’ll be working part time as “Senior Consultant.” Its pretty depressing for me, and I’m not even him. He’s been working at T&B the entire time I’ve been alive, and well before that so I don’t know too much besides that. I mean we’ve taken vacations and stuff, but come Monday morning he’s already headed out before 7:00am to the office. Now who knows what he’ll do, certainly not me. I haven’t thought about my “retirement”, mainly because I don’t even have a job yet. But I forsee it being a problem, as I spend most of my “free” time now working on projects.. and its not like I’m going to be able to find a bunch of senior citizens who want to work on a neat project when we all retire… lol.. one of us would die or something. That would be terrible… ____ didn’t get around to writing that function, he died last week. My mom “retired” last year I think, but she may have gotten bored and will find a part time job. Her retirement doesn’t hit me the same way my dad’s does because my mom, a teacher, always had summers off.. got home moderately early, and took time off to raise Kevin and I. Dad on the other hand works. I’m not sure if its a motivating factor, or a depressing factor, when I think about my dad’s success. I’m not talking about financially or family or anything like that… like his summer job was checking water levels in the Holyoke Canals and he worked hard enough to become an executive at a company interfacing with towns and municipalities all over MA and the area. Its kinda daunting like hrm, will I ever get to be as successful as him? I guess we might measure sucess differently; but even then… by any metrics I’m measuring what I’m doing.. I am by no means a sucess yet.

Speaking of sucess, I’ve felt for the past 2 weeks or so that something is on the edge or something. I can’t really identify it, but I feel something is going to break out soon and be very awsome. Ideally it might be something like Concerto, but right now its aimed very local to RPI… and the impending feeling of awsome is something larger than the scope of RPI. If I knew I would be able to place a little more focus over there, but I don’t have a clue. My facebook application has been pretty stagnant, and my YouTube Widget hasn’t been used more than 4000 times (which isn’t that many considering google calls it several times a day for some dumb reason). Maybe I just have a stomach ache or something, thats probably what it is.

I should be heading to bed, Eagle Eye Cherry is telling me to save tonight but I’ll do you all one better. Save and Publish.

Good night moon.

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  2. By katie on Feb 25, 2008


    i’m not sure what to say.


    hells yeah.

  3. By D-falk on Feb 25, 2008

    “But I forsee it being a problem, as I spend most of my ‘free’ time now working on projects.. and its not like I’m going to be able to find a bunch of senior citizens who want to work on a neat project when we all retireĀ¦ lol.. one of us would die or something.”

    “Keep busy. If you retire, find a hobby. If you keep busy, then you’ll keep alive because you’ll have something to do the next day.” -Irving Fields

  4. By katie on Feb 28, 2008

    nice quote dan!

    brian…i can’t picture u asking senior citizens to hang out. I just picture nickl as an old man…and I want to die laughing.

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