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February 23rd, 2008 Posted in Life, Problems

Where to begin. Originally I was going to start with a song, however while researching that song I found that ‘death’ and the different tense ‘die’ have a meaning not related to a feeling of depression, but rather the opposite, a ” intensity of emotional excitement.” [Dictionary.com] I will not speak of the music or references here, but instead link to wikipedia, which in this case knows best.

I hadn’t finished with my previous blog about frustrations, so I have a few more comments to add. I’ve had this problem with people who CC too many people for a long time. I’ve found at 2 of my many places of employment it was commonplace, people would make a message seem more important by CC’ing more people. Those people don’t have any action items in the email or communications, but mearly gather data as if to circumvent the primary addressee of the email itself.

The banging continued last night, perfectly timed to start the second I got in bed. It was as if someone was waiting for me to enter my bed before starting to make noise. Tonight however the noise is not going on, and its significantly past 10:00. Maybe they are actually waiting for me to go to bed. I will test this hypothesis after I post this blog, brush my teeth, floss, turn down my sheets, and finally enter my bed.

So there are a few things I need to clear up, I will do this in a list like fashion. I know I could walk around and speak these lines to the people they are addressed to, but proclaiming them to the entire internet has a much larger scope I think.

1. I like the name Concerto. That doesn’t mean I completely understand it, nor is it my job to. I cite many of the great paintings and works of art, they look very good and are great and everything but I could not explain to you why they are good or great or why everyone should like them. If you think that I don’t like the name, or I think it is stupid, you are incorrect. Please walk through the NOT gate and fix yourself.

2. I am having a hard time coming up with point number 2

3. I think before people make arguments and conclusions, the case study should be concluded. I don’t feel its very safe to isolate evidence and make a per-case conclusion, especially when all the examples are contained in the same entity. I feel that one entity would warrant one conclusion, not a distinct set of conclusions relating to a distinct set of input conditions.

Ok so that list isn’t so impressive… I tried so kudos to me. I’d also like to comment about my blogging because I think some people are confused. Its so rare I address readers directly, hello reader! thanks for stopping by! Lol. You should smile now. I don’t write blogs because they are getting published as literary works, nor are they going to be included in biographical text. What I write is how my mind works, apparently scatters isolated thoughts connected by only traces that I see. I do feel I’ve been letting you all down lately. There was a time in my blogging career where I formed each blog into a very intricate puzzle ready to be delicately unraveled by a curious reader. Lately I’ve been serving blogs up like slabs of meat from a butcher shop. Poorly cut and rarely trimmed. I will work on this, as I must, I owe you.

More to come tomorrow… I’m tired

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  2. By katie on Feb 23, 2008

    kinda boring.

    but ur right. the point of a blog is to say whats on ur mind, whatever that may be, and it doenst have to make sense.

    people DONT have to read ur blog, you dont ask them to, they choose to. so theres no need for attacking from them.

    be you. i love you for you. who cares what ppl think at other times. maybe they are just jealous, stuck up, or having a bad day

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