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Building up

February 21st, 2008 Posted in Life, Problems

So today hasn’t been a great day, and based on the progression of things it won’t be going any better. I really don’t have the time to blog right now, but I think when I don’t have the time is actually one of the better times to do so. I had written a blog last night, but Firefox decided to crash on me and WordPress’s auto save didn’t catch it.

I don’t like those days where things start off bad, and they just keep getting worse. I’d prefer it more if bad things came a little more spread out.. its easier to deal with little chunks of unpleasent spread over time than it is to deal with them all at once. Where should I start… well last night seems like a fitting time. I was going to bed at 10:00pm as I normally due, and my roomate was already asleep so I turned off the lights and grabbed my PJ’s out of my drawer. I walked over to my computer to start shutting it down and then I heard the shower start. Zut! I was too late, Windows XP was already shutting down… grrr. So I sat in bed for 30 mins trying to rest without falling asleep. I don’t think I got any rest.

And then last name, someone in BARH A-Wing felt it was appropriate to bash/pound/slam into their wall/floor/ceiling every minute or so. I don’t know where they were located, but it was a moderately loud thump, and I could hear a picture frame I had on the wall wiggle. This kept up until at least 11:45, afterwhich I stopped looking at the clock. So my alarm goes off at 6:45 as it normally does. On a typical day I enjoy getting up at this hour, showering, etc and being at breakfast a little after they open at 7:30. Today was one of those days where my roomate has class at 8:00am; and based on the 1.5 hour rule, I would be unable to perform my morning “routine” between the hours of 6:30am and 8:00am. For those of you who don’t know, the 1.5 hour rule is how long the resources will be unavailable to me while other people use them. I have done a pretty good job of cutting down my time in the bathroom to 15-20 mins in the morning, which is still longer than I’d like…followed by 1-10 mins after I eat breakfast so I can brush my teeth, etc.

Then I went to do my laundry… where the light was out so I couldn’t see a thing as to what I was doing. I checked everything twice and managed to loose 0 clothes… whew. After laundry and lunch, which I wore my backpack to oand it was terrible I headed to physics 2 where we got our test back. I’m a fan of physics, but I’m not a fan of other professors giving kids a study guide when that professor makes the exam.. leaving the rest of us to guess whats on their. What bothers me more is when there are multi-part questions, and you get a step somewhere in the middle wrong, so that mistake effects the rest of the problem. For example I got A right, and B wrong. I needed my answer from B to do part C.. and since B was wrong of course C was wrong. My logic was correct, but the 1 number I plugged in was wrong… Personally I’d like credit for that part.. but I accept that will never happen.

Fast forward to this afternoon… I’m in my room trying to study some chemistry and finish Canos and Database Systems homework. Of course I am not lucky enough to do this in piece. It seems a steady flow of garbage is ready and waiting to drain into my ears. Personally I don’t produce any such garbage, and I minimize the amount that other people might see as garbage. I make the following noises: typing on a keyboard, squeeking in my chair, flushing of the toilet, running the sink, lightly blowing my nose, listening to music/tv in my headphones, talking on the phone, the ringing of the phone. I think thats about it. I’ll assume things like making bed, and using pens/pencils produce negligible sound… not that my headphones produce loud sound, but I wanted them to be there for example. If I pictured sounds flowing into my ears as images, maybe some classical music would be bouncy flowers or pleasent bursts of color. Some more “popular” music might present images of the people singing them, or telling me a story. Whatever I am hearing sounds more like a large plank of wood bashing me in the ear like a ram or something.

So tomorrow there is a chemistry test. I hope to do alright at it. I’m only likely to falter if they ask a confusing weak-acid/weak-base question, or a lot of things that require me to have charges/ions memorized. Otherwise I hope to be ok. This test is at 8:00am. So we apply the 1.5 hour rule, which indicates that I can’t use what I need after 6:30 am. Big deal, wake up at 6:00. Nope, that won’t suffice.. because what if.. for some strange reason my 1.5 hour estimate is off slightly, I could easily see that shift to 1.75 or something like that… hence I would have a problem. So I’ll wake up between 5:30 and 5:45. Therefore if a situation arises where the desired facilities become unavable I will have some wiggle room to do what I need to do. Waking up early does cost me though, specifically whatever a plain bagel w/ butter and a small hot chocolate with whipped cream costs at Dunkin Donuts. Commons doesn’t open until 7:30, and that is way to long for me to be sitting on an empty stomach. Last time this happened Dunkin Donuts ran out of bagel, or didn’t have any at 6:15 in the morning. Yea, I don’t know either.

I need to review chemistry some more, because the way college tests go for me, they tend to ask what I don’t know, followed by what I know but worded in such a fashion that I don’t think I know it.

Oh yea, apparently its suppose to snow or something… I will have to figure how that factors into everything.

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  2. By katie on Feb 22, 2008

    snow is pretty but it ruins things.
    brian is nice yet can be very mean.
    rpi is brian’s life.
    katie is lost.

    whatever happened to happiness?

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