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Curley Qs and Loopdy Loo’s

February 13th, 2008 Posted in College, Life

The title of the blog is pretty great, rarely do I have a title that is as neat as that one. And its kind of relevant to one of my latest frustrations: my hair. I know, anyone who knows me very well must be worried, because my hair is the same every day, day after day, since the first time my mom started combing it over to the right when I was of the age one starts to develop comb-able hair. Earlier in the week I was having issues where this group of hair on the right side would droop down onto my forehead, causing me to push at it attempting to get it to go back with the rest of my hair combed over.. well now I’m having the opposite problem, my hair is now doing some very strange curl thing right where it used to be drooping down. Now it goes up like I hill and then down on the side of my face, even worse.. instead of just doing down like before, its now preceded my a mountain.. as if to indicate to all checking out my hairline “hey look over here, there’s something dumb here”. Needless to say I have been applying much water to try and resolve this situation, and the barber better be open on Saturday morning or Presidents Day.

Today I installed Firefox 3 Beta 3. I like it as much as I like Internet Explorer I think. The “Home” button has dropped into my “Bookmarks” bar, leaving me with forward, back, reload and stop for my primary navigation buttons. I’ve found this the same on Safari as well, the Home button is no where to be found! Personally I enjoy the one click return to my safe harbor of the internet, knowing that I can easily click the small but welcoming house and return to my Google Hompage. Once I’m “surfing” (I hate to use that as a verb here), I don’t like to type addresses.. I like to click things.. and the entire game of hide-and-seek-the-home-button is not fun for me. But it does seem to do much better on the Acid2 test.. thats always pleasent.

Its been raining cats and dogs today, now it might be snowing. All I can say for sure is the weather on my bed is dry and there are no clouds above me.. yet the ceiling is off white. I enjoyed removing all the ice from my car.. I especially enjoy trying to do it without using the scraper thing. I sucessfully cleaned 3/8 windows on my car without using the scraper… as well as the roof of my car. I couldn’t use a scraper to remove that block of ice duh. I would expect a wikihow article soon, “How to clean your car without any brushes”. Awsome!

Ok, I’ll tell you the secret. The trick is to forcefully hit the ice to loosen it from the car, and then rotate it. Use 2 hands, position them diagonally from each other, and then hit the ice. You shouldn’t break the ice, just disturb it slightly.. keep your hands pressed there, and then rotate them. Repeat as necessary.

Lately I’ve found myself more “jittery”, which some might falsely identify as energetic. I attribute this jittery-ness to the increaseing mountain that is Digital Signage… Speaking of which. It is my great honor and privledge to introduce you to Concerto, the new name for what was “digital signage”. You can check out the logo when I find a link to it. Yes, the name might sound dumb.. but thats actually a trick its playing on your mind. By sounding dumb you’re like “hey, that doesn’t make any sense now does it?”, but just thinking about that too yourself is causing you to think of the name Concerto and the digital signage.. see if we picked a name like Digital Signage you’d be like “…” because its so obvious it requires no thought or post-processing.. and its all in the post-processing. If find the logo does similiar things, it secretly looks like a blue xbox controller that someone mashed up. But thats ok, I like blue, xbox, and mashed potatoes. Hence there are no problems. Actually I’ve always had a secret desire to be good at photoshop/art and its never panned out. I can read tutorials and I can replicate them, but I fail at doing good stuff. The “best” thing I’ve ever “made” is this: http://katieboudreau.com/images/headerbg.gif and I’m sure others could do much better. Ha, I found a secret sample of the Concerto logo: click here for a draft of it. But I have found myself pretty motivated to work on it lately, I’ve gotten to content uploading, which I’ve opted to make one of my larger challenges. Its all fun though.. I am looking for ways to convert powerpoint slides to images (jpg or png preferred) without installing Open Office.. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

When I explained the Digital Signage development cycle to Katie it clicked how ineffectient it is, but its too late to tweak it I think. We’ll just keep on going until we finish.

My stomach is making noise that it is hungry, so I should go to bed. If the waffle mix doesn’t have vomit in it I might make a waffle for myself tomorrow. This week its been terrible, blueberries, some strange oat/nut mixture today.. actually it was probably bananas.. but those are just as bad as nuts in my book. Tomorrow will probably bring banananutberries… at least Sodexho has the reusing old food thing down pat.

Goodnight moon. Catcha on the flip side.

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  2. By katie on Feb 14, 2008

    The new DS name is lame, or as charles would spell it “ghey”

    yeah pretty much.

    happy valentine’s day

    im pretty sad right now.

    i love you.

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