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February 10th, 2008 Posted in College, Life

Today is February 10, 2008 and its been like an entire week since my last post. Yea, I know.. I’m feeling deprived of my thoughts as well. I came down with a cold or something last Wednesday/Thursday that limited my mental abilities. This cold still exists, and I am running critically low on handkerchiefs, but thats neither here nor there. I do believe this frigid cold weather is not helping my cold, but I will try to combat that by wearing my hat anytime I am outside.. even if it makes my hair all staticy and terrible.

Last week while walking to chemistry on Monday I realized something interesting. In high school I looked forward to attending classes on a daily basis. Yes, there were those days I didn’t look forward to a test in class x or something, but in general I wanted to go to school and I wanted to be in class. I’m college I’m finding quite the opposite, the majority of my classes are not events that I look forward to. Its not the material, so much as the style/format and social interactions that occur there. I do find some classes boring, but I do not recall being bored in high school when I didn’t care about the subjects. I payed attention because the information was being presented in a way that facilitated my learning. This entire college idea of lecturing in a medium to large class sitting in a banked theatre just doesn’t work for me. I feel more like I’m in a movie than in a learning classroom. What I also find interested is the mass desire to do well and get as good a grade as possible. When we’re given “individual” assignments I enjoy working as an individual. If I, an individual, do not know the answer to a question I, an individual, will try to find that out in the resources I have; be that a book, the internet, notes, etc. I do not believe in the “lets work this out as a group so we can all do really well on it” philosophy. Sure, I’m susceptible to get an 80 on an assignment the group can generate a 100 on.. but the 80 is a more accurate representation of what I know and thats what matters. I’m off topic. In high school I woke up every morning at 6:00 excited to head into school that day.. now a days I wake up at 7:00am dreading the classwork. I don’t like it, but I have yet to find a solution.

In other news, I started logging every position the shuttles ever hit.. or at least every one we download. The hope is to predict shuttles arrival based on past data. I have an idea for the algorithm, I just have to write it at some point. It should be interested to test out, seeing as I rarely do work that extends beyond the internet and computer screen.

Oh yes, today ‘Anonymous’ had lots of protests or something like that outside Scientologist locations. I did not involve myself in any said meetings because being ‘anonymous’ implies people don’t know who you are. Since I do not own any good masks or disguise kits, it was not logical for me to attend. It is an interesting struggle. I don’t have a very strong opinion on the matter, but it seems the “Church of Scientology” as a cooperate entity is moderately uncool… but I think people should be able to practice whatever faith they want. You won’t see me practicing any faith that charges some obscene monthly fee to get my E metered. Personally if I want to pay to get metered I will park somewhere I shouldn’t and fail to pay the meter, I will not hold onto tin foil covered toilet paper roll and watch a small stick move… maybe thats just me.

Valentine’s Day is coming up this week on Thursday I believe… that will spell failure for sure. I am not good with the romantic stuff usually, but I will try. I don’t remember a.) what I did last year and b.) was it sucessful. Therefore I am not very likely to show lots of improvement.. unless I’ve already processed that data and learned from it. I tend to doubt this as it typically requires conscious work on my part, and I tend to remember things done when conscious.

I have work to do, or I have to go to the bathroom. I’m not sure which I’ll do.

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  2. By katie on Feb 13, 2008

    i hope valentines day isnt a failure….

    cant wait to see u on friday!

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