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February 3rd, 2008 Posted in College, Stupid People

So its the start of February. I’ve always disliked the first r in FebRuary.. its so out of place. If the last r was lonely it should just enjoy having an a and a y to border it, imaging being that big F up from that is completely unguarded on the flat side.

The superbowl is going on right now. The people next door have been preparing since 5:00am or so when they turned on the loud music. Just a few minutes ago they threw 2 large objects at the wall… probably like a toaster or something that didn’t bounce off. I believe this correlated to the Giants scoring some type of points. Alas, visual inspection has determined that the flying object did not breach any of the walls that I would care about, like the walls behind my closet.. so I think I’m ok.

Last night I saw Untraceable, it was a pretty great movie. It was about the internet, and fbi, and dead people, and everything else that makes a great movie. I was confused why this techno agent had failed to change their homepage from the Vista Welcome to the internet junk. Their computer was running very fast, lucky for them. The bad guy died at the end, and the good guys lost… and the internet did prevail. It was moderately accurate from a technical standpoint as well. Sure, they didn’t try as hard as they could have to block this website, but I guess the movie needed some kind of plot.

I got a bunch of work done on shuttle tracking this evening, http://stuttles.rpi.edu. Now all the shuttle positions are logged in the archive table, so we can eventually predict when shuttles will arrive somewhere. It should be a neat algorithm.. i.e a lookup table. If anyone has a smarter idea that would be appreciated as well. Digital Signage got a little work as well, not much though. I determined I really don’t like building a class that builds an array of classes inside itself. Even though I wrote both classes, I don’t like the level of abstraction.

Ugh, the Patriots lost the SuperBowl. Typically I wouldn’t care, but the people next door are Patriots fans, and they feel it is necessary to shout their frustrations at the top of their lungs. I do not have ear plugs.

Goodnight moon.

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  2. By katie on Feb 4, 2008

    very boring blog

    i think there was more stuff u could have talked about, that would have been better to discuss too.

    oh well

    i love you.

    sorry i went to bed sooo early.


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