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January 22nd, 2008 Posted in Life

I know, I know, its been a short while since my last update. The past few days I’ve found myself moderately busy and unable to post updates. Things have come up that required my attention when I previously planned to update, so this is a little later than my liking. Its like 10:50 at night, and I’m blogging here while sitting in bed. Ideally I wish I would have been in bed 50 minutes ago, however RPI TV didn’t get out until 10:10pm, and then I had to walk back here, get in my PJs, etc etc. I’m going to make this brief, focused, and equally obfuscated as always.

This past weekend was Martin Luther King Jr Weekend, and I went home to attend the SHHS Cotillion. It was likely the last Cotillion I’ll attend in my life, bringing the running total to 3. (1 senior year, 1 last year, 1 this year). I can’t do a very detailed comparison between the three of them, because my memory is very poor. However I do remember being served close to last at all 3 events. The table has been all around the room where they hold the cotillion, but no matter where we always get the waiter or waitress who is slightly slow, and opts to serve our table last out of all of their responsible tables. This might be OK if we still had an equal time to eat, but since everyone else is finishing, they turn down the lights and the DJ’s start doing their thing. Grr, I’ve barely eaten 1 bite of mashed potatoes and everyone is already starting to get up there in dance. Recognize to me this isn’t a big deal, I would be lying to say I live to dance, but I would also be lying to say I live to eat as well. Everyone else was in a rush to get out there and start dancing, though logically its necessary to eat something to consume energy so you have the power to dance. I was able to convince people to stay at the table to give me enought time to eat my mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. I had eaten a bread stick and some salad, so I felt that might provide enough energy to last the night.

I did learn a few dance moves at dinner, however I found them impractical to use on the dance floor. Said movies were: Shaking the dice, cleaning the ear, lawnmower, and sprinkler. The first two involve doing a motion followed by “throw it away”, where your right hand crosses diagonally down to the left of your body “throwing” whatever you were doing away. I hypothesis a large number of moves could be invented following this protocol such as blowing your nose, combing your hair, eating the food, and pulling on a hat. I think that hat one has some potential… you’ll see it all over YouTube next year.

Density is probably the most upsetting thing to me about dancing. I have minimal issues dancing with Katie.. but I don’t like dancing with the 3 or 4 other people squished against me on the dance floor. I especially when there is someone directly behind you and they are dancing up and down and you were dancing up and down and you weren’t synchronized so your rear ends are constantly in collision. My response: stop moving up and down. I also dislike it when people dancing next to you are at the exact height to hit their head on your shoulder during and up and down move, its difficult for me to drop my shoulder down to avoid that, but I guess I should try twisting it out of the way. If you haven’t picked up on this, my primary dance move is to go up and down, bending my knees or moving my shoulders when my knees start to give out. I find in such a crowded environment no one really cares to what extent your dancing, as long as you appear to be moving they are pleased.

After Cotillion we went to McDonald’s to get food, since there was no immediate need to break out into dance at McDonald’s, I was able to enjoy my Ranch Snack Wrap. After McDonald’s was bowling, which I was very tired for. But I bowled anyways. I didn’t win, nor did I loose. Then I brought everyone home and called it a night.

So that’s the summary of cotillion. Its getting late so I’m going to compress the rest of this blog. I don’t think desire is the right word, but jealous is to far, and I don’t believe its that that I want, its likely more a desire for the knowledge or ability than the implementation. Part 2 of the 3 part series is coming soon, so is housing for next year, both of which require complex algorithms balancing the positives and negatives… aka weighted list. Digital Signage is coming slow, as expected, but its coming. If people keep complaining about me working slow I might start creating a special pipe to send their complaints to, and then I’ll build a magically machine to put on the end of that pipe to turn their complains into positive feedback and good ideas. Actually I should practice this myself.

I am not looking forward to stupid chemistry tomorrow.

Oh yes, remind me to comment about peoples outfits later. Much ranting will ensue.

Goodnight moon.

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  2. By katie on Jan 23, 2008

    i dislike a lot of what you discussed.
    im also not sure if i agree with decisions you will be making, especially housing. just remeber, when it comes to housing, kt is right. if u remember correctly and then think of this year too, u will agree.

    i win.

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