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Random Updates

January 8th, 2008 Posted in Life, Problems, Stupid People

This blog will lack order and structure, I have lots to say but also lots I should be doing. Who knows what I will actually get to writing about.

1. ViewTracker got Apple approved, check it out here: http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/status/viewtracker.html. I think thats pretty neat. Apparently people have trouble figuring out how to click a little ‘i’ in the lower right hand corner and entering their username.. there are at least 15 people out there looking for a username ‘undefined’. Either that guy was really popular, and recently got his YouTube deleted, or there are 15 people out there lacking skill. I wonder what is more probable.

2. I just got a drink of apple juice. Strange because I found myself dehydrated after eating chocolate ice cream.

3. Someone may be well on their way to stealing my identity. This morning I went looking for my bank book, in the place we usually keep bank books. It wasn’t there. Grr. It didn’t seem that many other documents were missing, but I don’t know exactly whats there.. only that my bank book should be. I figure there can be a few options here:

a) I have misplaced my bank book. Not likely as I have checked the cars and I wouldn’t put it any other place except for where it belongs. If I have ‘lost’ it, Mom will likely freak out as if some massive sum of money was now lost forever and scream at me for loosing it and not being responsible and such and such.

b) Mom has hidden my bank book. I’m not 100% sure why, but she may be attempting to prevent me from withdrawing money from my account or seeing how much I have to prevent me from spending money. I could definitely see her doing this. Why? Because I have a strong feeling she is in a “you spent too much money on Christmas” this year mood because Amazon decided to charge my debit card 3 times for $50 instead of 1 time for $150. Mom will of course think I bought several secret items for Katie, valued at $50. Of course the reality is I bought everything for Mom, Dad, Kevin, and my Uncle in one large swoop at Amazon. I wouldn’t have told mom this because then she would know how much her gifts were. Lets keep the fact that her mp3 player only cost $30 our little secret.

c) Someone has stolen my bank book because they are dumb, and would like to go and get whatever small amount of money I keep in that bank. If they had broken into my house they certainly choose the wrong bank book.

In conclusion, I’m not sure what situation would be worse. The entire mom why are you hiding my bank book talk, or the brian-why-did-you-let-your-bank-book-leave-your-hand talk. I wish I could go online and see the status of my funds, but this bank lacks online skillz; and my parents hate the idea of online banking.

4. I was looking for my bank book to evaluate the purchase of a monitor + mac mini. I’ve found OS X to force productivity, and I could spent money on myself to increase productivity. I can do about 3 things on this mac, use Firefox, write PHP in Coda, and use iChat (poorly). I would never consider writing a program for the mac, beyond my widget, nor would I every try to do some detailed repair job on a mac. The entire mentallity that I can “drag” a program to a folder to install it is lame. I don’t like how what look like programs are actually folders, and what look like widgets are actually folders too. On windows there are folders, and there are files. None of this folder sudo file nonsense. Windows of course comes with a slow boot time, and multitasking.

5. Tomorrow is Katie’s 18th Birthday. Hip Hip Hooray! I am trying frantically to finish another gift for her, while I should be preparing a morning surprise or something like that. Now that she is 18, we will register to vote in the near future. We being Katie, Kevin, and I. I suggest you all wish her a Happy Birthday and whatever other personal wishes you would like to share with her.

6. My dad broke his cell phone recently, he ripped it out of a charger without undoing the little clips that hold it in. The clips didn’t break, but the bottom of the phone did. Katie, a long time Verizon customer, was able to volunteer her old phone to replace my dads. (Replacing a VX5200 with a VX3300). Its oddly sentimental to have the phone that sent me my first text message now belong to my dad. I have a few memories with that phone, or at least sending messages to it; and I’m sure Katie as even more.

I’ve got to be going now, I’ll keep you posted as I hunt things down.

  1. 2 Responses to “Random Updates”

  2. By katie on Jan 9, 2008

    i miss my phone…and i had a great audio clip of you singing if i had a million dollars and i miss my stickers and all…

    maybe i should cry.

  3. By katie on Jan 9, 2008

    but u can have the phone…i just wish there was a way to keep the cool stuff that was on it.

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