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January 6th, 2008 Posted in Life

I am both tired and hungry, so I should likely be in bed. Alas I feel compelled to share a few things with you. This blog will be brief, as I have like 100 things to do tomorrow and I’ve allocated time to do like 3 of them.

1. ViewTracker Widget – I know there are like 3 of you out there using a mac, actually thats wrong, there are ~2.45% of your with a mac out there. Awsome! Well for those 2.45% of you I have a widget you should check out.. specifically if you use YouTube. No, I don’t have the precentage of readers with both a mac and YouTube, I don’t stalk you all that much. Here’s the link: http://www.brispace.net/viewtracker. Its a pretty simple widget to display view counts for videos you have on YouTube. Feel free to check it out, no harm no foul. If you like it, consider donating. If you don’t like it, delete it.

2. You probably have already added my Facebook Application Quotes, but since you have, and since my applications lacks the viral market “spam all my friends at the same time” feature, I rely on you to spread the word. Send people to this easy link: http://quotes.brispace.net, thats not too hard to remember is it?

3. I am out of things to say actually. Lol.

Nope, just kidding!

I have submitted both of these projects to their respective ‘directories’, the Apple Widget Directory and Facebook Application Directory. I expect them to get looked over in the next week or so, hopefully I make the cut and don’t get dropped. Apple isn’t very nice about it, they tell you they have recieved your request, and that that email is the last you will hear from them. You may resubmit in 90 days if you do not find your application. Facebook at least easily shows you if you’re in the directory. I hope this helps people find my applications. Its not so much the hours spent writing them as it is the surprise there are such few people who want to use them. (Ok, I think the hours writing them might play a factor, moreso in quotes.. where my relationship with Facebook and FBML was much like a dance. No, I wasn’t dancing like I normally do. I should tell you about that soemtime though). I’m an optimist, and I think that maybe someday people will find these things useful. No, I’m not planning to make myself a millionaire off them. Quotes has 0 financial prospects, and ViewTracker has a donate button. Check them out.

I might be writing ViewTracker for Google Desktop/Yahoo Widgets/Google IG… I’m not sure yet.

I am sure I should fall asleep.

Good night moon.

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  2. By katie on Jan 7, 2008

    this was very boring.

    no offense but i pretty much hate how these blogs are only targeted to one umm lets say grouping of individuals…let’s call them the wierd ppl u know from RPI.

    we know my opinion on that.

    i just feel as a girl, and as a student who is not headed for a field in computers, engineering, or such, that these blogs just don’t correlate to my lifestyle or what not, making it a very boring reading experience.

    yet, i always read your blogs and comment on them, even if i dislike the topics.

    although ur life seems to be all about engineering, long tedious and somewhat unneeded pojects, i think there is much more to you.

    what also bothers me (hmm i feel as if im writing my own blog here) is how a lot of people who communicate with you in a business like function or in an atmosphere that i would call in polite terms “geekville,” seem to think they know the real you from title to the back cover. I hate that. No one at your lovely school truly knows the real you, yet they think they do. I’m sure this probably doesn’t make sense, or I’m just blahing.

    Ok i need to stop…

    I will see you later.

    Make some cooler blogs that show the real brian, not just the computer guru.

    with love.

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