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Post Christmas

December 27th, 2007 Posted in Life

Whew, the bulk of the holidays are over with. Christmas is done, my brothers birthday is done, all thats left is New Years and Katie’s Birthday.. which I just forgot about… hrm, I guess I can’t say whew then.. disregard.

So yea, I’m not uber pleased with my gifts this year. I’m never super-satisfied.. but this year I think I was more disappointed then most. I didn’t even get some of the “usual” gifts I get every year that I was counting on… like gloves. I typically get 1 pair of gloves for Christmas.. this year, the year I’ve lost one of my gloves.. would be the year I don’t get any. I got a few gift cards. I don’t like getting multiple gift cards to the same place for the same amount. Instead of getting me 2 $5 gift cards to KFC.. I would like 1 $10 one [KFC is expensive for fast food around here at least.. so $10 won't cut it for 2 ppl, they average more like $7 per person I find]. I got a vest, some slippers [I refuse to wear slippers], 2 pairs of new fancy socks [I bought ~10 this summer so I had enough], a box of cookies, and a new necktie. I do like the necktie, nothing fancy.. just red and blue diagonal stripes. I would have liked to get a gift or 2 that took batteries or plugs or something that requires assembly.. Katie pulled through in that category with an iFish.. I’ll explain later.

I feel like I need to make up for this by buying myself something. I know that this is likely a waste of my money and guilt induced shopping, but I spent a lot of time picking out gifts mom, dad, and kevin might enjoy and the fact that they did little to return that effort frustrates me. So here are my choices:

  1. LCD Monitor – Right now I have a 17 inch LCD for my desktop thing but since I have more computers and more stuff going on I could justify getting another one, possibly larger. This would require a new graphics card for my desktop, which only has the built in one for now
  2. Xbox 360 – If one more person gets Halo 3 besides me I am going to.. idk what. My 8 year old cousin got it for Xmas for Pete’s sake! He probably hasn’t even played Halo 1 or Halo 2. I played those games through high school, used Xbconnect to play Halo 1 online and Xbox Live for Halo 2. No one can understand my thoughts to the Xbox 360 but its sufficient to say I spent several months doing work regarding it… and I don’t have one. Yes, my time for gaming is limited and I rarely do play games, but idk.
  3. GPS – I wouldn’t get one of those car ones or one of those computer only ones, I would likely get a handheld one that can work while hiking. It would have to interface to a computer to serve as a computer one, for directions and stuff. My idea is that a computer one is great if you have a computer.. which you can while driving and stuff.. but its more difficult when hiking. So I would get one to satisfy the base case that can extrapolate from there.
  4. eeePC or something like that – While I’m not a Vista hater, I do dislike waiting several minutes for my laptop to boot. I honestly don’t need the processing power packed inside for most of what I do on a computer.. like check email, calendar, etc. I’m not so sure because I know there might be some neat phones out when my contract comes up [Aprilish] and I wouldn’t want to get anything that will get replaced quickly. Idk

I do not know what to do. I make sufficient funds over the summer, and I will likely be making a few dollars this break so who knows. I am a huge supporter of saving money and all that stuff, but its always hard for me to judge when I should stop saving for a moment. The stupid tux place was closed on Wednesdays so I have to go tomorrow to rent a tux for Cotillion.

My facebook application is very near release, I’m complete with the major features for now.. I think I have one more checkbox to add.. maybe. It will require a slightly different implementation for scalability reasons but it shouldn’t be terribly hard. I will most certainly blog so you all know to add it as an awsome app.

  1. 4 Responses to “Post Christmas”

  2. By katie on Dec 27, 2007

    wierd kid.

    and rich boy as alwaysss


  3. By charlie on Dec 27, 2007

    My vote is LCD monitor or GPS. I don’t trust Xbox 360s and the eeePC seems less useful than say GPS or LCD.

  4. By katie on Dec 28, 2007


    i want to go on a road trip to somewhere…we can use my gsps that u help me figure out hahahaha

  5. By Charlie on Dec 29, 2007

    what the hell is a gsps?

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