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Social Networking

December 11th, 2007 Posted in College, Life

I’m not sure where this blog is going to go. There is a small chance I will talk about the intended subject, some of my thoughts on social networking, but there is an even larger chance I will spend a much larger time providing background and introduction for my discussion of the latter. The prelude may prove to be more interesting than the “body”, but who cares.

Tonight for some reason I’m feeling oddly like I did 2 years and maybe 2-3 months ago. Its a very specific time frame I know, the beginning of my Senior year in high school. Why do I feel that way? Well there are certain issues that require addressing and I am having trouble formulating a solid thought process to work with. My primary objective is to keep the issues bottled up inside, because I am too embarrassed to ask anyone for such stupid thoughts as I would. But my secondary goal is to come to a resolution as peacefully as possible. I can’t say for sure if one resolution is more amicable than the other, but a resolution is definately better than no resolution at all. Unfortunately the nature of the issue at hand exclusively eliminated the primary contact I would ask any and all questions to which is unfortunate, I know, but necessary.

In high school when I was addressing a topic in a similar manor, things were different. I was in charge of the Tiger Times, and I would most certainly not ask any member of the group for advice. I don’t believe in showing weakness like that. But the issue at that point was one that was “clear” to other people, they could identify it [though personally I call thief bluff because I couldn’t self-identify it] and offer advice on the spot, without being prompted. I generally disliked this advice because I dislike people noticing things or making assumptions on me that I haven’t made on myself yet. The issue was also much different, the issue I dealt with a few years ago was one that was very socially acceptable to talk about, while current issues make me feel like an even larger idiot.

That is half of how I feel. The other half is this partial feeling of loneliness. Katie B is asleep right now in her cozy bed and I’m sitting here in my dorm (I wish I could say alone). Its just me on the internet right now, I’m talking to no one. Usually I’m ok with being alone, but I’m not so kosher with the idea when there are things that need to be accomplished requiring other people. For example if X was around I could try and cross Y of my to do list, of course none of that can happen.

So when I was lonely tonight I wanted to play music on my laptop. I don’t have any easy way to access the songs I have on my desktop so I had to do something different. I can’t say for sure why I decided on it, but I ended up at MySpace.com. After logging in (using my non-case-sensitive password) I tried to understand the new navigation and head around to people’s profiles to listen to some tunes. What surprised me was that in the few months its been since I’ve been “actively” checking my myspace, things haven’t changed that much people-wise. The people who were posting bulletins 2 years ago are still posting them today, the people who are still popular comment wise are still popular today. I wasn’t expecting this, as I had stopped checking my myspace regularly, I had assumed there were a bulk of other people who had done the same. I guess I was wrong, while plently of people do use facebook instead, myspace is still a very important tool. I think the only thing I like about myspace that facebook doesn’t offer is the bulletins. Given, I don’t know what they’re intended purpose is or what they were designed to do, I find them a great wealth of information. The survey’s people fill out are very interesting to read and learn from, and I am constantly surprised what I find. Myspace does have many more hackers/hijacked accounts than facebook does, but you win some you loose some, right.

I have more to say but no time for now. RPI TV elections tomorrow, I am clueless.

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