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Part One of a Three Part Series

December 11th, 2007 Posted in College, Stupid People

Tonight was the RPI TV elections meeting, certainly an interesting meeting at that. I headed down around 8:20 from BARH, strolling into the room where our executive meeting was held at 8:28. Only Sean and I were there, thats ok I thought, everyone must be out running late. 20 minutes pass, everyone is still running late. Apparently there was to be no Exec meeting tonight, which would have been ok if I was told that. Yes, typically I can rely on Google Calendar to show me when there are meetings, and no, I didn’t receive an email with an agenda; but I didn’t find either of these facts compelling enough to convince me there wasn’t a meeting. And so the problems began.

I had been very worried about this meeting for quite some time, mainly because my plan was non-existent. At last years election I had a very strong idea where I was going. Sure, I had to nominate myself, but at least I knew I was doing news and why I was doing it. This year was trickier, I had narrowed down the list of positions I was interested in running for to 4, each with their own reasoning and logic. I failed to narrow that list down to one, because I placed high value on where everyone else wanted to run. I understand quite well that I should run where I want and ignore everyone else, but I also understand that doing something unexpected, especially from a person such as myself who is typically very predictable, changes much in the social dynamics.

As the elections progressed, I was quickly nominated for the position of ‘Station Manager’ someone seconded, I do not recall who. I failed to “accept” or “decline” the nomination, but the lack of speech was interpreted as an acceptance. I was voted in that position by a majority, I of course abstained, and the meeting went on. What does my new position entail? To the constitutional amendment.. submit productions for campus broadcast, maintain RPI TV’s media library, keep an archive of every production, and coordinate the care, storage, etc for all club equipment. In summary, I put DVDs in a DVD player, operate a book shelf, and make sure people put things back when they are done. This position operates under the VP of Operations. Essentially this position involves lots of doing, and not very much thinking at all. I like thinking, I like it a lot. I can do things when I have to, but I think that thinking about them sometimes is more fun. Sure, I’m the first person to serve in the position, but I’ll say its very uncomfortable.

I abstained when voting for the new constitution, I agree with some parts and disagree with others. The new station manager position works I think, but it doesn’t fit well into this overall scheme. As a whole, the “non important” positions of the club exist in a state of limbo, some exist as the old show based operations of the club, and some are shifted over to the new role based system. I assume people will argue over my use of the phrase “non important” and I would have no problem explaining this position to people, not only based on how the positions are defined but also as the positions are filled. Participating in this discussion in real life would not work well, I will likely have trouble with the English.

I guess I’m frustrated at climbing the ladder. I know that I am one of the least known officers of the club among non-exec members. I don’t direct or organize any productions besides senate meetings, I do not send mass communications to members, nor do I speak very regularly at meetings. I was never introduced at NRB or any other meeting, nor have I wanted to try extra hard to introduce myself to new members. I guess logically it makes sense, as News Manager [one of the lowest positions] I climbed the latter reasonable, and those who started higher than me climbed significantly higher.

I know I should be more positive with my outlook on this position, but its still not something I would be super proud to put on a business card. Maybe if we had a “station” and not just 2 dvd decks this might be a slightly more important position. I have to call to question the design of this position, could it have been designed to facilitate a fourth person feeling important by giving them duties but realistically those duties are moderately unimportant? I do wonder.

I will not call the elections fraudulent, nor would I say they were the best ever. But according to the letter of the constitution, that was a legitimate election so come January 1st I am not legitimately station manager. Since RPI TV lacks a station I will rename myself “Closet Manager”.

I’m also surprised at myself, I failed to see what was obviously brewing for a few weeks. Maybe with more notice I could have figured out a better plan but I clearly didn’t see what I should have, stupid me. People are people, and I should not try to credit them as anything else. I will hold out hope that somewhere people are honest and lack self interest.

For the record, I do not hate Mr. Emala, while he feels I “railed” on him for a paragraph in a previous blog I did no such thing, unless Mr. Emala feels he is solely defined by the symbols I choose to use.

Part 2 coming soon, but for now I shall head to bed. DSA test tomorrow, I’m worried.

You should be too.

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  2. By katie on Dec 12, 2007

    Mr. Emala should not think you ‘rail’ on him. I believe I am the only tru individual who has ever fully gotten lectured/yelled at/railed/or so forth on this site. So there.

    I do not know exactly what to say to you, but that i’m glad you wrote a blog and went against some people telling you not to. Even though I may not have a say in this matter, and no one would really care, I think it’s rude for people to forbid you to express yourselves. I myself know this very well, especially in my future line of work and past experiences.

    On another note. I’m sorry it was all sort of planned. Obviously RPI TV doesn’t know how to run as well as Tiger Times elections. I personally believe the way your wierd elections are done are extremely lame.

    Don’t name yourself ‘closet manager.’

    You should be thankful that you did end up with something, even if its not what you would have wished for.

    Well, if you feel so bad, as you seem, then don’t let everyone use or rely on you as much as they do nowadays. Maybe they will see if you don’t always give into them or assist them that they needed you and that you were worth awknowledgement. (i think that word is spelt very wrong)

    We all have to work up though through the world. Like you told me, I can’t get to a $7million dollar position till I work hard at a different level.

    Take care.

    I’m sorry people are jerky and cliquey. (thats sad for men, esp in college, so i will beat them all up)

    with love, moi

  3. By katie on Dec 16, 2007

    how can someone determine if someone isnt good enough, if they arent given a chance to try and prove to the world they can come out on top??

    this is how i feel right now.

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