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December 7th, 2007 Posted in Life, Problems

I can grab a lot from songs, certain lyrics stand out to me like poetry; poetry without the pain that was associated with dissecting in in English class for several years. I have an idea, students might be turned-off to their portable music collections if an English class or two was spent dissecting it like poetry. People sometimes ask me what kind of music I listen to, of who my favourite artists are. I tend to reply “whatever’s in iTunes” or “I’ll have to check my iPod.” I know most people have their discography memorized, a list of top 10 artists is always at the tip of their tongue. Me? I like the lyrics and the tune, not who’s singing it or what album its in.

For example I’m a fan of “The Great Escape” by Boys Like Girls. Katie happens to have their CD, I’ve given it a listen or 2 while in the car. The rest of their songs just don’t do it for me. I find “The Great Escape” to be a great escape from the other bad songs on their CD. I believe its track #1 on their CD which is good, I can play it quickly and it inspires this feeling that maybe we shouldn’t escape without knowing what do to after the escape. In my case I’d prefer to change CD’s or go to the radio. Maybe I’m being a bit harse… but I am mad at how they messed up a song titled “Five Minutes to Midnight”. Thats on my top 10 titles list, too bad the song associated with it is terrible. It lacks a good plot and rhythmic features. I would never associated 5 minutes to midnight with the final push at the end of the night to be with a girl. [I struggled hard there to write a logical sentence that didn’t say “seal”, “score” or other common phrases that don’t make sense but have negative connotations]. If you’re going to title a song about the world blowing up, the song better be explosively good. Unfortunately, unlike the male figure in the song, I’ve had enough of this nonsense.

I get mad at iTunes when I’m in random mode, I like to click the >> “Next” button to skip songs I don’t want to listen to, it never seems to go to the good songs. Apparently my meager library is filled with bad music I don’t want to listen to most of the time. Interesting parallels are coming to me. I gave up, I really wanted to hear Matt Nathanson’s “Car Crash” so I had to do it manually. Apple search works well.

Yes I’m avoiding discussion of my projects because I’ve made minimal progress since last night. I did, however, wake up in the middle of last night very cold. Last year I was rarely cold, and I’m usually not effected but this winter is wierd. When I walk to class my coat doesn’t seem to do as much as normal, and then last night I wake up freezing so I curl into a ball. I don’t sleep naked or anything like that, long PJ bottoms and a t-shirt. For sheets I had 1 normal sheet and 1 fleece blanket that is slightly smaller than me, which is ok.. my feet or shoulders can take turns freezing. Oh yea, I checked the thermometer on my luggage under my bed.. it read ~ 60 degrees. But yea, I was like brrr, maybe i should go get a coat. I know I could have spread that over my sheets to keep me warm but I figured that would have been a bit loud and everything. Maybe I’ll bring up my sleeping bag. Thats not actually too terrible of an idea. That bag does make things very warm. I guess I could just spread out the other blanket I have in my closet, but I piled it under everything. I will likely just freeze until I go home in 1 week.

Darn “Car Crash” ended 1 minute and 59 seconds ago, that means time to bed.

I know, I need to write a blog about real issues soon. I just need to come up with a strong approach to write from.


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  2. By katie on Dec 7, 2007

    god your harsh.

    i was extremely offended to find out u hate all that is boys like girls.

    i guess i can’t play that cd anymore. bummer

    i think their songs are wicked good and the meanings behind them are real life issues and tales, so deal with it, and learn to love it

    there goes us ever going to see them

    ugh jerk

    ruining everything always

    and i need to see some improvements soon.
    i dont want to sound mean, but its time.

    the clock is on countdown and its ticking pretty fast!

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