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Almost winter

December 6th, 2007 Posted in College

I’m upset at the television strike thing. I do not know the details, nor do I claim to. Maybe this is the magical time of year when TV shows end, but so many of them didn’t seem to be done with the season or whatnot. I know the Writers were on strike and its my belief the writers deserve a lot of credit. Someone has to pay attention to every litle detail to make the TV show flow from week to week. Dr. House cannot all of a sudden start wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat… well House probably could, but you follow where I’m going. My DVR has only recorded the news, which was ok. I learned a few things. Yes Charles Gibson, I will make sure I have a good night.

Things are winding down here, 2 days left in class and everything, followed by three days of finals. I’ll be home in roughly 9 days which is good. I don’t look forward to my parents being home as often as they will be. Now that my mom is “retired”she spends all of her time at home or out walking. I enjoy making my own breakfast or doing things in peace and quiet sometimes; mom is rarely quiet. I’m sure dad will take his share of days off which is okay, he works on projects and things which keep him busy. I do suspect there will be a day when he runs out of projects, I just don’t know when that day will be.

On a more eventful note, my Facebook application “Quotes” is very close to going public. I believe it has 90% of the features I want it to for implementation 1. I hope a few people use it, otherwise I will be disappointed in my lack of entrepreneurial skill (to which I probably have a negative amount of). I’m not hoping to make a fortune off this application, I’m not trying to spread it like wildfire inviting everyone’s friends under the son, I’m simply trying to provide a nice easy ‘quaint’ way to manage your quotes. If you’re interested in testing it or getting an email when I “Go Live” let me know [Comment below or email] and I can hook you up.

Back to the me. That sounded self centered.. my bad. Back to the us. That sounded stupid. This morning when walking to breakfast my right lower leg started hurting a ton. I haven’t a clue what I did to it, it wasn’t a sharp oh my there is a knife in my leg pain, more like a hrm is my leg on fire on the inside kinda pain. I limped to breakfast, limped back. I was the only one leaving footprints to Commons at 7:30 in the mornings, pretty strange. The pain went away while sitting down and stuff but came right back when I was walking to Coco.

Apparently the other students in Coco couldn’t figure out how to use 3-bits to realize you can have integers 0-7, not 0-4. My elevator was pretty good considering I figured out how to deal with 2’s compliment 30 mins before the class. All you have to do to take a 2’s compliment number to a regular number is add 1 and take the inverse. Stupid me for not thinking of this sooner. Using the ALU you just set the carry-in to 1 to add the one, and you can use an xor gate with the comparator logic to choose if u want the inverse or not.

Oh yes, one last thing. Kudos to whoever added new themes to Google IG, they’re pretty awesome. I’m excited to see the new transitions during the day/weather. While I don’t think the background on my homepage makes or breaks my day, I do think it can raise my spirits up sometimes to see something neat around all my data. Nice work!

I should be heading to bed, last busy day is tomorrow.. fun fun.

Goodnight Moon.

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