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Driving home…

November 20th, 2007 Posted in Life, Problems, Stupid People

M*A*S*H is on right now, I haven’t seen that show in a very long time. It brings back memories of high school or middle school when I had very strict TV watching habits. Now I rely on BeyondTV to record what I want when I want it. It lacks the ability to record “shows you used to watch and wouldn’t mind seeing again for old times sake”. That reminds me of “The Pretender”, one of the best TV shows ever. To bad it never was very popular. Imagine the Bourne series but a few years earlier, and on tv every week.

In other news I drove home from RPI today for Thanksgiving. Theres never anything exciting to do while driving, so I just think. Today the traffic was going ~ 5 mph slower than normal, so I had extra thinking room. I came to several con conclusions, I was sad to realize that I’ve lost Ally 4, leaving me with a minimal number of allies in a certain category. Ally 4 isn’t off my lists all together, but they’ve been moved into a different category. I’m surprised I didn’t think of this sooner, the data was available for processing several months ago. Stupid me for not processing it and adjusting my weighting system accordingly. I guess I’m back to where I was a while ago, actually even then I likely had someone who might be able to serve a similar purpose. Hrm… honestly, I can’t seem to recognize anyone else who might qualify as an ally in that category. Shucks. I do not have a game plan, but I will think of one at some point. Stupid people.

I also spent lots of time exploring decision trees. In the car I explored the decision trees of past, trying to identify which choices might have pushed me more towards a desired outcome x. Am I happy where I am right now? For the most part yes. Is there room for improvement? Most definately. How easy is the improvement? Not very. It all traces back to my mentally of avoiding certain situations and capitalizing on others. I dislike the concept of “trying” something with the intent of canceling later. I feel if I try something my decision tree will be permanently altered by that experience, and I’m unsure if I want to go down that route. I also know I’ve failed to capitalize on lots of situations that, if I had fully invested in, might have proved more beneficial to myself and others at the moment. I would like to consider myself agile enough to hop on board a project/idea and plunge it out rather quickly, but I am not. And I’m not ok with that right now. Stupid me.

I don’t know what to do, its moderately depressing to look at things with the loss of Ally 4 and some poor decisions on the life of Brian decision tree. None the less optimism is critical.

Being home this week will be interesting. Mom is home permanently now (retired) and dad is taking plenty of days off (semi-retiring soon) so yea, no more peace and quiet. I have a feeling things will go interesting. I could really use some relaxing rest, but just as I put on a collared shirt everyday, I know I will not be permitted to relax and rest. Hopefully dad doesn’t want to cut down a tree tomorrow, that has the potential to mess up everything. I am looking forward to a haircut though.

I’ve also determined I could use a team of people to help me with projects. Essentially to serve a recursive daemons to trace down ideas I throw out there, it would be pretty awesome. I’ve been tossed this amazing thing that I would love to run with, but I cannot do it alone. Not with the end of the semester, Christmas approaching, Digital Signage, Helping with the College App process for K^2, Studentdev getting >100 users, the list goes on. Its just another idea that is 99% awesome but 1% realistically do-able. I do not advocate for there to be more than 24 hours in a day, I do advocate for those 24 hours to be spent as effectively as possible.

Right now sleep seems effective.

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  2. By katie on Nov 23, 2007

    wat is ally 4 wat is ally 4 wat is ally 4!?

    I shall conquer you and find out ur deepest darkest secrets, and then i shall rule the world!!!!!!



    secret FBI agent Bri please tell me!

  3. By katie on Nov 25, 2007

    must stay with verizon…must not give in….must stay with verizon till “kit house idea”

    must must must

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