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November 15th, 2007 Posted in Life

I should probably be in bed trying to fall asleep right now, but I felt the need to write and hopefully relieve some of this stress before I nod off into Neverland. This week has been pretty hectic, and my wait until its due approach has not been helping. 2 tests this week, 1 in DSA and 1 in COCO, and both of these classes decided to cram in labs and homework even though we also have a test. Today was also the Senate meeting with Dr. Jackson, President of RPI, which always involves extra work. I did enjoy the opportunity to dress up more than usual.Tonight I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m thinking, strange paradox I know, but it is strange. Usually I can find a direct cause or relationship between my thoughts but right now I’m having trouble bridging that gap. I’ve decided that if you apply simple boolean logic to certain aspects of life you can find things grossly unfair. For example lets take 2 conditions, A and B with a resultant S (standing for sucess of course). The opposite of A can only yeild sucess when paired with the opposite of B, whereas A (non-inverted) yeilds sucess independant of B. Given this is an over simplified example, I imagine the opposite of A might feel left out, it only see’s sucess %50 of the time, whereas A see’s sucess 100% of the time. I would factor in the probability that the case is actually the opposite of A, which I estimate to be something below 50%, and you see an actual yeild less than %25. This still doesn’t explain all of my thoughts, but I enjoyed the process, identifing events to avoid based on a low yeild rate. Strange thoughts typically stem off something I don’t completely understand or have a grasp on, which is odd because I most certainly thought I had a grasp on the basis where I suspect these thoughts could have stemmed from. I could explain them as a hypothetical reactionary measure, but I can’t see it every going more than a thought, nor would I be able to implement if I the I ever needed to. While the reaction is almost equal, and certainly opposite, the conditions surrounding the circumstances are not; effectively limited any ability whatsoever. Strange eh? I think I might have solved it, at least temporarily. Sunglasses. That must be it.This is also one of my few blog posts written while using the Safari browser. I think I’m going to actually sit down and finish this widget I’ve been toying with, of course I have the data extraction working, its just the graphical display of the data I need to figure out. My complete lack of photoshop skills will come in handy here. Who knows where this will go. I really don’t like hair, specifically hair on me. I wish I could freeze it, click the stop button, pause. I am very peticular about my hair, I like it to be styled a very certain way. Combed ver to the right side, minimal interactions with my forehead, not covering my ears, not very far down on my neck. I do not have a preference square or tapered back, which is a little strange, but I guess I don’t look back there enough to notice. I also cannot stand facial hair, specifically the “i haven’t shaven in a few days but lets pretend you’re blind and can’t tell that” look. You can get away with it if you are growing facial hair and plan to have it there for a little while, but you may not get away with it if you are not attempting to grow any facial hair but are simply too lazy to shave on a regular “there are hair on my face” basis. I also dislike spots where hair gets confused as to which way it should be going, I have learned you can not mitigate this problem with a comb. Wow am I actually blogging about hair? I must be very tired… or crafting some secret subliminal message.Regardless sleep is needed.Goodnight moon.

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  2. By katie on Nov 15, 2007


    get a life.

    and u dont dress up fancy for me or do anything like that for me.

    wat gives?


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