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Don’t bother reading, I got bored

November 7th, 2007 Posted in Life

So tomorrow is the second DSA exam, I hope I’ll do well on it. I read the chapters over in the book and understood the material, hopefully it won’t go too terribly. I find most of the material uninteresting and useless, but what else is new. I registered for next semesters classes, since I’ve already taken Diff Eq I had a free chunk of class, so I signed up for Database Systems. I also registered for Intro to Perl, which is only 2 hours a week. I hear it is a lot of activities and stuff, but maybe I can learn a few useful things between those 2 classes.

Other than that things haven’t been to exciting here; classes have been the same old same old. RPI TV has been the same old same old, which isn’t something I’m particularity enthused about, but I have too much going on right now to try and change anything. A lot of my efforts have been dedicated to this project I’ve been involved with since last spring. We’ve been pushing very close to having a final product to debut any day now. There were a few challenges we knew we had to overcome, but in the process of overcoming those last few projects I feel as if we’ve fallen back to where we were last spring. Tons of code had been written, and the product doesn’t look half bad. I’m not opposed to adding features and rewriting code as needed, but I dislike scrapping everything and having to fundamentally redesign the system. I wouldn’t say it was super expandable, flexible, etc but I would hesitate to say it couldn’t be done with a little work. I dunno, I’m just frustrated over the fact we’ve spend 2+ weeks debating something that should be established in 1-2 hours max.

I’m also terrible at gifts. The holiday season will be here in 2 months and I’ll need to buy gifts; it would be much easier if people had Gift Registries all the time, not just for marriages, showers, etc. Then when I wanted something I could add it to my list and not have to worry about forgetting it later, and people could access my list at any time. I guess I’m guilty of this myself, if I’m asked what I want I rarely give a straight response, but thats because I don’t have any real wants that stand out at the moment.

I lost focus with this blog, I’m sorry.. I’ll write more tomorrow if I can. Sorry, this is a disappointment.

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  2. By katie on Nov 8, 2007


    btw im soo much easier to shop for. girls are always easy to shop for.

    but u on the other hand…impossible.

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