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October 24th, 2007 Posted in College, Life

So heres the deal. Its Wednesday night, pretty late. I have 1 DSA problem left on the homework, which I’ll likely tackle in the morning. I’ve been pretty busy as of late and I’m going to be busy for a little while so an update is definately necessary.

I got an email yesterday my host of many years, the people who run the server this blog was on, were being bought out/merged/closing into another company. So at some point this evening everything was transfered over to the new site, if you’re reading this blog it means your DNS records has updated appropriately. If you cannot see this new post, that means you are still looking to the old server. Someone is caching your DNS records for longer than they should, I would complain if you cannot see this post within 24 hours. I don’t like moving servers unless I have to, its just a bunch of potential work I don’t want to deal with right now. So far so good, it looks like everything is up for now. Thank you Cpanel.

On to the main subject. I get startled very easily. I wouldn’t say scarred per say, but I will commonly jump. If you open the door loudly or slam it and I wasn’t expecting it, I’ll jump. Turning a corner and seeing someone there makes me jump, its very unpleasant and something I need to learn to have better control over. With the Halloween season approaching, there is an increased likelihood I will be in a situation where someone will be trying to scare me. If I can see that person, or anticipate their presence, I am pretty good at not being scared. My trick you ask, perspective. It is their job to try and scare me, I do not want them to have an easy day at the office. They are not going to use their blade-less chainsaw to cut my shoelaces off. A lot of spooks out there rely on sudden movements to scare people, the movements they make aren’t scary, its the suddenness they occur in that startles me. Zombies on the otherhand are slow, they frighten you by overwhelming you and then biting everyone making them a zombie. I have yet to resolve this simulation, but I’ll keep thinking. Back to being startled, there must be a way to be less jumpy, I am unsure if relaxing will solve the problem, as I’d probably be fearful of someone sneaking up behind me. Suggestions how to be less startled?

I’ve also decided RPI lacks this sense of holiday, work work work, thats all it is around here. I think they should decorate for holidays or something. Sure, not all student celebrate them, and thats great. I would never force someone to carve a pumpkin or go trick or treating, but I could really go for some cobwebs and cardboard decorations. Especially around winter time, Holiday lights seem perfectly permissible to me. It might even boost the campus image if some trees had holiday lights on them, I would most enjoy that. Maybe students are too busy out partying/drinking and do not care, while that might be true for some, it is not the case for all. Those of us who are likely to be sitting in our dorm rooms while the world goes out partying/tricker treating deserve something. I would go make a paper ghost or a cardboard bat to hang from the ceiling, but me and art… we’re not friends. Never the less if I get time I will try this. Remind me. OO I could make a paper pumpkin, Brian you’re a genius.. lol.

I should head to bed, its late and I need to be up at 7:00am tomorrow. Yawn.

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  2. By katie on Oct 29, 2007

    Yes, one can be jumpy at times, but that doesn’t mean one should give up on doing what they want, or wish to do.

    I don’t like “spooky” things much, but I do tend to take the risk and do them anyways.

    This halloween looks to be a rather bad one for me. I wish you would be here, because at the moment, I feel like just staying home, and not trick or treating anymore.

    Things are confussing. Things are a changing.

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