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Brain Noise

October 11th, 2007 Posted in College, Problems

If there is one thing I miss this year is the silence and privacy I had last year. It was nice to have a few hours of peace and quiet when Dan was out was others. This year its quite the opposite, I’ve estimated I have approximately 30 mins of free, silent, private time a day max. There are some days when its 0 minutes, and somedays its 2 hours. Thats about it. Those 2 hours would be from 8am to 10am, when I spend most of my time in the shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast, making my bed, readying my backpack etc. Thats where I get a number less than 1 hour of free time.

Things would be ok if things were silent, but unfortunately music is always playing, be it a guitar or some mp3’s. There are a few songs that I know, but 90% of them are songs I am not familiar with, such as screamo. Of course headphones aren’t used, or else I would have less complaints.

I enjoy silence, having a clear mind, being free to think as I please. I dislike having my brain distracted by sounds and noise. I don’t know whats wrong, but I know I was hoping for single and wasn’t that lucky. Things could be worse this year, I guess I should take that for granted. Who knows what next year will bring.

I do question whether I dislike being surrounded by people in general, or if I’m only comfortable around certain people. I don’t know, like I think last year I was more comfortable with any brain clutter because it was more familiar to me and I knew the person more, this year I know little… not that I want to know a lot either.. i don’t know where I’m trying to go.

I like light and freshair, which is something you can’t get if the blinds and windows are compulsively closed every time I leave the room.

I am proud of Katie today though, she was going to go to school late tomorrow because she was out late tonight with the college fair at SHHS and everything, but she opted to go in early so she can film the Tiger Times, thats pretty awesome and it makes me happy. Just thought I would share that.

I just got this sudden craving for a Friendly Frank, thats definately one of my favorite foods from a restaurant ever. Who doesn’t like a Friendly Frank? Only idiots.

Another pet peeve of mine is chairs, I insist my chair is properly placed when I go to bed, and usually when I leave it. Ask anyone who followed my bedtime routine in HS (which consisted of looking in 2 closets and under the bed), the chair would be raised up all the way and pushed in to the desk so the arms were touching the desk. Right now there is a chair all the way next to me, and I’m sitting in one. You do the logic.

I should go to bed, tomorrow is laundry day. I have to do my sheets and towels at some point, but I’m unsure when i can allocate 1.5 hours without sheets/towels. I hoped to do them last weekend but I went home and I really dislike bringing home when I can do it here for 0 work. Quarters, I need to find 4 of them unless they’ve fixed that machine… or I could use the machines in the other wing, which are closer and don’t involve walking down to the basement (4 floors down from my room), but I’m less comfortable over there for some reason.

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  2. By katie on Oct 16, 2007

    im glad u were proud of me.

    im always the first student at school, go me.
    arent i special!

    silence can be good. and ur roomate is a tard.

    i will still love you, even tho he hates me

    speaking of silence, kev wont tell me what his topic was for the first college essay he was required to write in eng. hes a poop.

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