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Upgrade time

October 8th, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

So today I upgraded my blog to WordPress version 2.3, the version all the cool kids are using. Apparently there are “new features” or something, I’m not completely sure. I see I can now add “tags” to a post, whatever those are. I cleaned out my plugins, deleted some files I wasn’t suppose to, and made everything work again. I also added a few extras here and there to make this go a little faster, at least for you readers. Pages should load faster if other people have viewed them recently (I believe I use a 60 min cache) so incase this blog ever gets swarmed it has a small chance of staying online. Very very small.

Speaking of upgrades I’m starting to debate what to do with my small form factor PC here in my dorm. I don’t think it will be Vista ready anytime soon, but I’ve managed to bog down XP pretty well. Mainly its Snapstream’s Beyond TV which is permanently doing something. I’m not sure how to procede, if this was someone elses computer and I was able to think objectively I would format it and start from scratch, but I would also be paying myself. I have all my files on my external hard drives, but its the nuisance of having to install everything again, let google desktop re-index all my documents, etc, etc. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll up the ram to 2gb or consider upping the processor from a 3.06 to something else. Theres always the video card, I could upgrade that or get an additional monitor. While that won’t do anything useful it would look cool. I’ve always contemplated getting another TV tuner, and at some point I need to, the 2 I own are pretty terrible. The quality is acceptable, but not thing I enjoy. Yes, RPI’s campus cable is very terrible in an of itself, but my tuner makes it worse.

Today was my first Data Structures and Algorithms test, it was 96% horrible, which means 3% went well. We’ll have to wait and see what the grade is on that. If I could only test my algorithms, I hate manually running an algorithm in my brain just to see if it works. Thats what computers are for.

Coming soon will be my awesome Facebook application, that will improve your lives significantly. You need it. More details to follow when its ready.

I also am debating what to put on a business card if I was to get one, I’m open to suggestions. I don’t know what my title would be, I don’t do 1 specific thing, I do a lot of broad things.. hrm.

Ok, all that was written last Thursday at sat in the hamper for a little while. I can’t remember what came up Thursday but I wasn’t able to finish it.

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  2. By katie on Oct 9, 2007

    my opinions dont really matter. but i believe in free speech.

    1. ur growing up to fast. why do u need business cards? u have enough trouble deciding between work and play. and i get the lower half of that deal, since u always take calls from ppl when its suppose to be our time. so thanks for that. so dont rush anymore work related crap.

    2. i dont need your application. you just think i do. and i wont be the first to test it out, for ur friends are always more important.

    3. you dont need to brag about wanting new things. im sick of that personality trait of yours. it needs to go.

    4. you never talk about any real issues that are majorly important. like ur lack of care for others who are not involved with RPI in any sort. ooo and ditching ur parents to film. nice.

    5. i wish you cared more. i know that you will screw up friday for me. so if thats the case, dont come to my show. its not like i have a big part or anything, cuz my play is retarded, so w.e

    6. keep promises to me please and try hard to prove ur thinking about me. when i call 10 million times, and 2 different lines, email, and then have to text a mutual friend to finally find you, that shows something is effed up.


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