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September 10th, 2007 Posted in Life, Problems

This blog is one of my later posts. I really would like to be in bed right now, and I probably should be going to sleep but of course I cannot. If I could, I would, but I can’t. The occupant of the room connected to ours via the shared bathroom has this thing where he goes in the bathroom late at night and takes forever in there. Literally, forever. I don’t know what he does because I hear no water running (sink, shower, toilet), he is clearly not on the can because I hear the occasional footsteps. Last night I caught the tail end of it, waiting 25 mins for him to finish up whatever he is doing. Tonight, who knows how long it will be.

Yes, in theory I could “walk in” but I would hate to be interrupted, so I won’t do that to him. I just get frustrated when I would like to take a maximum of 5 minutes to brush my teeth, fill up my water bottle, and urinate, then fall asleep. Nothing too long or unreasonable.

I take my showers in the morning trying to be as time sensitive as possible in case he needs to use the restroom (tho I’m unsure if my presence would actually stop him). See if I was in there it would be pretty clear as to what I’m doing, the water would be running, you could here me brushing my teeth, or I would be flushing the toilet, maybe 20 seconds of silence when I comb my hair, none of this 20 min junk.

This week is getting off to a slow start, it already seems later than Monday. Ok, technically its Tuesday now. I might want to blog about 9/11, I’m not sure. I thought I might have written something last year, I did not.

But last September I did write about laundry, and this September is no different.

Each “wing” on BARH has its own laundry location. My wing’s location is on the bottom floor, 4 floors below me. Its a small walk down the stairs to get there, but nothing impossible. The problem is that only 1 washing machine is working out of the 2. How am I suppose to do 2 loads of laundry with 1 machine? Well usually I run 2 loads at the same time, totally 1 hour 30 minutes of laundry time, which I can conviently fit on Friday morning from 9:15-10:45 + folding time, that would work out great with class starting at 11:00. The problem is that only 1 washer is working! That really changes my time, It turns my total laundry time to 2:00 + folding, which means I would have to start laundry before 9:00, not impossible, but a little early for me to be doing that kind of work.

So there could be a solution, I found there is another laundry station on the same floor as me, just in a different wing. I’m less comfortable over there tho, there are rooms all around it and people can watch me operate the machines and move my clothes around. I really dont care if they see my clothes, people get to see them anyways. I don’t know, I hope someone fixes the washing machine.

I just checking, still the bathroom is in use. Grr, its getting late for Brian. This is one of those times last years room was ideal, neither of us took forever in the bathroom and it was very manageable. In the extreme case the bathroom was not accessable, one could always use the group facility down the hall.

I hear water running, maybe he is almost done.

I think the coast is clear, its time for me to quest in and roll into bed.

Goodnight moon.

  1. 4 Responses to “bathroom”

  2. By J on Sep 12, 2007

    Ok that freaked me out! What is he doing in the bathroom.. and is he hott, and not to be a guttermind, but think about it. Ew, umm get some sanitizer lol!

  3. By katie on Sep 13, 2007

    jean beware of the scary RPI men…none of them are truly hott. believe me they are all scary and nerdy

    anywho brian, i will beat lance up and if he EVER walks in on me…i will fight…oo and bite!

  4. By J on Sep 14, 2007

    his name is Lance.. lol that even sounds semi-creepy!!

  5. By Eric on Sep 17, 2007

    That reminds me of what I hated about sophomore year living in Quad. Always problems sharing the bathroom, but there was never any communication between rooms about it.

    You’d probably greatly enjoy living in a single, as I was once I broke free of roommates and other peoples’ schedules and bathroom-sharing problems. I can’t say for sure I was more productive in my junior and senior year (though I probably was), but I was certainly happier with my living situation. The only caveat is then you don’t have a roommate to talk to and do things with. And they’re a bit more expensive.

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