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Summer has come and is going

August 15th, 2007 Posted in College, Life, Problems, Stupid People

Another summer is winding down. I’ll be moving in to RPI 8/20 (the first day I can) and classes start on 8/27. I’m moving in early to make sure I have time to do what I need to do and all. I might not stay up there that entire week, since I’ll hopefully have a car, but I haven’t thought much about it. Right now my car is in the stupid shop, the Air Conditioner died and it needed an oil change. Of course, they are taking 3 days to fix the AC because they keep finding more and more wrong with it or something, which is why I dislike how cars are manufactured today. I think cars should be like computers, completely modular. I can easily upgrade my computers Hard Drive, RAM, PCI Cards, DVD Drive, etc… heck, I could even upgrade the processor (though I don’t advise it); my car… well I can upgrade the radio no I can’t, its an accord. I can put stickers on it, get a paint job, and hang scented trees inside. Nothing very deep or intense. Maybe I’d like to upgrade the Air Conditioning component of my car. Maybe it needs to be replaced. Yes, Yes… I know very little about cars, but I know they are a very complicated machine, and if it was broken out into smaller, easier to manipulate components, maybe it would be easier. But what do I know anyways…

In other news, I am extremely tired today. I had to run around the highschool running \\shhs2\Software\gpfix.vbs to patch the registry on >50 classrooms. Stupid group policy. I actually like group policy, as I do with a lot of Microsoft products, when they are working. We recently “took” a domain controller offline (its registry crashed) and the network slowed down. Mainly because our DNS isn’t configured correctly; but I wish these things would fix themselves. It can’t be impossible to write a tool to go through you’re windows network and say “Hey, idiot… we’re looking for a domain controller that isn’t there… delete it at location x”.. but no, windows will hide that error message. Oh, it was funny when a linux box took over for DHCP, we were all panicking.

I’m still tired, and I want my car to drive itself. Don’t say its not possible, because if you do you should be slapped with something, possible a.. hrm, no good ideas… but I know they can drive themselves, because I said so.

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  2. By katie on Aug 16, 2007

    hey, dont u slap me fool!

    i will slap u right back….BAM

  3. By katie on Aug 18, 2007

    wat does RIP tv have that Kt don’t have!?

    come on bri…u really want to ditch ME that early, just to hang out with some MEN….arg u loooooser…..if u little bugger dont let…

    ull have to figure the rest of the messsage out urselfff


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