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July 31st, 2007 Posted in Life, Problems

July is almost done, and I’m not very pleased. This summer hasn’t been as eventful as I, or others, would have liked. And there isn’t even a month left. I’ve had several projects that I’ve been really interested in, Digital Signage, creating a custom CMS to replace shschools.com, doing some extensive TV related work, etc etc. I’ve just barely been able to get it done.

This is probably because of my work situation, my morning job isn’t completely challenging but its not the environment where I could zone out and work on other code without getting noticed. We’re also in a rush, time and money are running out and there are so many things to do. It doesn’t help that I have very big ideas that would be really cool, but I know the limits of what I can try and not try, and my ideas are definately on the “not try” list.

My afternoons at MassMutual continue to be boring. We’re spending most of our time “validating”, which makes no sense to me. If the reports were built correctly, there is no reason the data would be different; and if it is different, its certainly not our fault, or the reports fault. Blame the database conversion people. I dunno, I know that if my script is run correctly it will produce a correct report, but it only does what you tell it to. It won’t join tables that haven’t been setup yet, and it won’t magically understand what you want it to.

TV has come up lately in a brainstorming session with Katie. I like brainstorming, and I love Katie, so it was a pleasant time. If you happen to know of a good slogan for a daily high school news group named “Tiger Times” please let me know! I’m confident the ideas can be implemented, its just a matter of time and effort.

Sometimes I wish I had clones of me, so I could be hey, you… go write that code, you over there… go fix Katie’s computer… you, watch the massive amounts of TV I have recorded but never found time to watch.

Its 7:00, when I usually get together with Katie. I should go.

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