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Happy Birthday America

July 4th, 2007 Posted in Life, Problems

Today is the 4th of July, so I say Happy Birthday to America. Right now I am not feeling like doing the math, but the US is approximately old. What does this mean? Well it means I have the day off from work, which I’m not sure I like so much. I’m not sure if the “founding fathers” would approve of taking days off to celebrate, its not like I personally did hard work to found America or anything, and my bet is that those who really did the hard work wouldn’t want to take a day off. But I don’t really have a choice I guess, day off it is.

I’m not doing very much, I might take on some programming shortly because there is nothing better to do really. Last night were the SH fireworks, I did not attend. I haven’t been in a few years actually, usually I’m at Boy Scout camp or last year I was on vacation with Katie. This year, I was in my basement. I don’t fit well into large social gatherings or anything like that. Maybe some year I’ll go, who knows.

Besides that, yesterday was a moderately bad day. My parents threatened to “ground” Kevin and I for not attending the fireworks, tho I had no clue what this “grounding” would do. I also learned a cool company is hiring in Boston, which would be good if I was out of college and stuff. And something else made it a bad day, I clearly remember having three reasons. Hrm. Well Katie wasn’t here, but thats a continual thing, nothing that would have made yesterday any worse than today or tomorrow. Mom and Dad expect Kevin and I to go to Vermont on Friday after work, yuck. I have to build a cantenna before then or something!

I’m having trouble formulating my words, but I find it hard to stand out sometimes. I continually come to realize I’m not like most people my age or in my age range, I don’t drink, party, drugs, sex, or more generally, have fun like other people do. I don’t spend my spare time “having a good time,” and I’m ok with that. For me a “good time” consists of getting a project finished, learning something new, or doing something cool.. more like an accomplishment in a more professional nature. I continually fall back on the “how to I get people to realized I’m different from everyone else” concept. I’m not asking to be treated “special” or anything like that.. nor have I been, may I reference the 6-7th e-learning experiment at Middle School where the top of the class was chosen to take a class online. I wasn’t chosen. I don’t win many awards, probably because I don’t play sports. But thats much more a debate of sports and stuff. Ok its probably tied into work, thats where this is going. I live work. That explains most of it, if theres a problem requiring thought I’m thinking about it just about all the time I can. While I rarely dream in math, people will agree I get ideas at the most random times. People seem to think that being only 19 I’m not capable of thinking of any solutions or ideas and following them through to implementation. Well I’m bored of writing now, and iTunes is playing a good song by Justin Kopec, he’s not that bad. I would provide a link but I don’t have one off hand.

Enjoy the 4th!

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