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Welcome to Vermont

June 19th, 2007 Posted in College, Life

This past weekend I went to the cottage in Vermont, this generally marks the start of Spring for me, when we have to go up and do approximately 800 chores to get the house ready and stuff for summer. This weekend was no exception, minus the spring. Being busy with college, I was unable to go up earlier, so this was the first chance for the entire family to be together; dad wanted it for a “fathers day” gift. I was hoping to write a blog from VT but I had Wifi troubles, one of the “neighbors” across the lake has Wifi, but I get it at 8%-15% which is barely enough to hold a connection. I could have rowed over in a boat, but that just wasn’t something I was willing to do. Kevin and I went wardriving, I did the driving, kevin did the “netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid” command, we had a max of around 18 networks in the small town of Ludlow, not bad. I like public wifi, thats why I run one myself. I think if you’re sharing one you’re entitled to use someone else’s thats public. Its the concept behind the fonera network, which is super cool, just without the complications of work.

Speaking of work, Monday I wasn’t in. Yea, today things were pretty busy. There are 3 main things I’m working on, unfortunately its difficult to bounce ideas off other people. For example one project, I was in a meeting with the outside consultant expert man, he couldn’t even help me. Of course he provided some garbage answer about blah de blah but nothing to support typing the logic in the text box like I was asking. If I was a consultant I’d answer questions honestly, and if I didn’t know I’d go find the answers. Cognos is cool, ish… when it works I guess it works well, but it seems people take forever to set it up. Stupid framework manager, I feel like writing the joins in the reports, lol. Maybe that would help? Hrm. Sounds like task 4.

I’m not officially announcing anything yet, but I think I’ll be out soon. I’m used to being the only one that knows what I’m talking about, but I’m also used to being able to explore my ideas which is something I have trouble doing. Its just difficult when I’m being asked to present the best solution, but oh yea, that solution is bounded by A, B, and C.

RPI has some cool projects underway, I know they’ll increase my time commitments slightly but I think I can work it in. My goal right now is to create infrastructure. Before I can “make it big” the right tools need to be in place, and thats what I’m working on now. Right now, things don’t seem to be linked together at all, and they’re not really, but once I figure it out I’ll know. Expect some cool stuff, I’ll make it happen. Speaking of which I need to make a trip sometime, hrm.. when to go

Oh yea, last night I went geocaching. It was pretty sweet, I’ve heard about it a lot, mainly through my ties with boy scouts.. and its pronounced “Geo catching”.. theres no wierd “cash” in sound of it. Myself, Katie, Nickl, and Scott went out and found 1 and couldn’t find 2. One I won’t count because some people were fearful of a homeless man that lived in a pile of driftwood. I didn’t see him around, just trash. We must do again.

I guess I’ll go to bed, tomorrow I’ll hope to have a super productive day at work and crunch out tons of stuff, we’ll see I guess.

As always, keep your stick on the ice.

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  2. By katie on Jun 20, 2007

    i dont have a stick, and i certainly WOULD NOT place my man part on ice, ewww. lol.

    this blog bored me, yep it did.

    Too bad you can never talk about anything KT friendly, simple, yet long, exciting, and something I would LOVE to hear, eh, guess that’ll be in what 10 years bri? or is that now down to 9 or 8? I WILL FIND THAT EMAIL.

    i kinda hate the phrase more commintment or involvement or whatever you said, i have short term memory lose, because i know that’ll = less u and i time. Infact, i dont remember a DAY that we got ALL to ourselves. I just can’t. I think you should put that on your priority list, becuz i think it would be nice to have one on one time, without you brother, or two retards who hate me. Sounds good, make it happen, i’ll make you famous!

    i am bored and sad without you. here’s to another day of sitting around, waiting for you, to be able to see me, at 7pm-10pm lovely.

    my father is home today, i do not like that.

    i will leave you. But talk bout some kt stuff now and then, not stuff just for ur NERDY no life friends, or w.e u want to call them out here on the internet, or worse, RPI.

    ta ta

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