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June 3rd, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

We should lighten the mood around here, so I’m going to say a bunch of random things in no order at all. Shall we start?

Why does that boy have his hand around your girlfriend? And why do I find it interesting to study the lives of others when if I dedicated that time to myself I could probably improve myself. I think it the better others plan, I know I’m not worth studying because I already know what I do and why, but I don’t know what others do or why they do it, material my good man, its all about material. I like to collect knowledge, mental material, indexing it.. well I’m not so good at that yet, but someday we shall figure that out. A google of the mind i might say.

I hope I distributed the socks appropriately between my brother and I today but I really don’t know. I would have appreciated some mutual feedback but Kevin will not provide any. Speaking of feedback, or not.. I need to make a sandwich for work tomorrow. I make a PB & J, why? Its a) easy b) easy c) it won’t go bad on me like I fear mayo will even tho there is a cold pack d) its childish ish? See who would bring a PB & J to a professional “business casual” enviroment? I don’t know, but I bet there aren’t too many adults out there who do. I don’t like thinking of myself as an adult, but I eat PB & J’s. They’re not my favorite, but white bread is tasty

Can I wear brown shoes with black/grey pants? Unfortunately I don’t think do, so I’ll have to wear brown pants tomorrow. Do I even own a single pair of black shoes? I must own something to go with those pants. I need more shirts, maybe something that would go well with a red t-shirt under it? Strike the work maybe, I do need.

I like the sound of rain, I don’t mind camping in the rain. I dislike lighting fire in the rain. Fain fain fain.

Do you ever get that feeling like there is a whole world of knowledge out their to soak in but its nearly impossible to do so? I do, and the TV won’t help. I wish I had the machine they had in Deja Vu, that would be pretty awsome seeing 4 days ago, I could know whats kinda going on and stuff.

I need more hard drives, so I should plant more floppy disks to start growing them.

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